Unix Trading Co. Ltd.

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Unix Trading Co. Ltd., Nagoya, Japan

Unix Trading Co. Ltd.

1-608, Jinguji, Minato-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, 455-0834
Office Timings
9:00 to 17:00
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer
Contact Person
Junya Yoshida [President & CEO]

Company Profile

Unix Trading Co. Ltd. was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading car exporters in Japan. On monthly basis, we export approximately 300 cars to many countries all over the world. Our dedication to quality of every car, through wholesale to shipment, is highly evaluated by our customers, and in this regard we have established a unique position in the market as the quality-oriented exporter.

We are also committed to fulfilling our customers’ needs with close contact with them, by using every possible means from telephone call to fax or e-mail. We believe our “customer-friendly service” designated at customers’ real convenience and satisfaction, will surely impress you.

Why Unix?

1. Selective Purchase

This is where our commitment to quality stands.
Our wholesale team sources quality used cars every day all over Japan.
They check over 90% of all car auctions in Japan, and keep frequent contacts with local suppliers. When they find cars that may match your needs, what they care about the most is quality. Even if the other requirements are 100% fulfilled, they are guided not to buy if quality is questioned.
We maintain our policy of buying only what we believe will satisfy you.

2. Total servicing at our in-house Tech-Center

After purchase, we service cars scrupulously at our own Tech-Center.Our highly-trained staff make full use of their skill and hands to ensure that cars we export are up to our quality standard.Unless otherwise conditioned, we put all cars through our service procedures.

3. Meticulous customer service

Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction. Hence our job does not finish when cars are delivered to you. Our goal is to provide all of you with the most meticulous customer service. We are happy to provide you with spare keys, CD ROMs for Navigations, other parts and accessories etc. We are always challenging ourselves to improve our service. We have come a long way, but will still have a longer way to go.

4. What we have done so far

Simple, we have supplied our customers with what they want.
We have been integral and sincere to their needs, and have always done our best.
As a result, we have so far sent over 20,000cars to over 200 customers. Our pride does not lie in the numbers though. It lies in our best efforts to make our customers the happiest. We thank and love them all, and would be very pleased if you could join them!

Unix Trading Co. Ltd. Deals In

SUV  |  MUV  |  Hatchback  |  Wagon  |  Sedan Cars  |  Used Cars  |  Coupe  |  Mini Vans  |  Long Vans  |  Vans  |  Jeeps  |  Pickups  |  Used Vehicles  |  Used Saloon

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