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TS EXPORT, Himeji, Japan


4-8-31 Tsuchiyama, Himeji, Hyogo, Japan, 670-0996
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer
Contact Person
John Hawes [Founder]
Contact Person

Company Profile

John Hawes
Mr. John Hawes
[Managing Director]

COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1983 - Import secure in the knowledge you are working with a second generation company that’s been trading for over a quarter century. And benefit from our years of experience. .

FULLY LICENCED & GOVERNMENT APPROVED - You are working with a Japan based company that is Fully Licenced and Government Approved.

INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED & MONITORED - Authenticated by ACP Global Authentication. "Approved for exporting used motor vehicles as a most reliable trading firm in Japan" by the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association - JUMVEA. And approved and monitored by leading online monitors HONESTe ONLINE, SiteTrust Network and The International Bureau of Certified Internet Merchants, IBCIM.org. Import secure in the knowledge you're working with a Japan based company that is Independently Verified and Independently Monitored.

HUGE STOCK CHOICE - With our OPEN SOURCING SYSTEM you can source throughout Japan - even from sources normally out of bounds to offshore based importers - for the greatest choice and the best prices. Why be limited to a single supply source? If it's available in Japan ...
"Become a client and we'll do our best to get it for you!"

FULL SHIPPING CHOICE - Your choice... Roll On-Roll Off or Container. Ship from the nearest port for the lowest trucking costs or from the TS EXPORT CENTRE for combined shipments. And our JUST IN TIME option lets you have your vehicles stored at the TS EXPORT CENTRE - loaded with small parts if you wish - and containerised at port immediately prior to shipping, which means lower container drayage and no expensive port storage fees.

MORE BANKING CHOICES - For maximum convenience the fastest transfers and the lowest bank fees. This means less of your money is eaten up in fees and and charges and more of your money is available for stock!

ONLINE LISTINGS - Research, compare and buy from millions of online listings 24/7 for more choice and the best prices. And you get instant verification of the real price. No more of exporters trying to pull the wool over your eyes and hide the real prices. Registered clients get additional online Logins for even more listings.

EXTENDED HOURS - Which means better support for your time zone. The TS EXPORT CENTRE is staffed 7 days per week, day and night. It is operational 24 hours when necessary to meet shipping schedules. We monitor emails every day of the year.

TRADING ACCOUNT - You have your own personal Trading Account which records all remittances, purchases, fees and charges in one document. This means that rather than having your importing records scattered between multiple invoices and remittance slips you have a complete financial record in one convenient document. Your account also provides you with cost projections which means you can easily budget for the total cost of the shipment and plan your cashflow.


Mini Truck  |  Light Duty Trucks  |  Used Heavy Duty Trucks  |  Freezer Trucks  |  Special Purpose Trucks  |  Used Garbage Trucks  |  Fire Trucks  |  Cargo Trucks  |  Container Trucks  |  Armroll Trucks  |  Used Tipper Trucks  |  Trailer Trucks  |  Wingbody Trucks  |  Box Body Trucks  |  Trailer Head  |  Flat Trucks  |  Tankers
SUV  |  MUV  |  Hatchback  |  Wagon  |  Sedan Cars  |  Coupe  |  Mini Vans  |  Long Vans  |  Vans  |  Jeeps  |  Pickups  |  Used Vehicles  |  Used Saloon
Mini Bus  |  Medium Bus  |  Used Large Bus  |  Micro Bus
Engines Parts  |  Body Parts  |  Car Parts  |  Electric Parts  |  Truck Parts  |  Bus Parts  |  Mechanical Parts  |  Accessories
Used Excavator  |  Used Cranes  |  Used Wheel Loader  |  Used Bulldozer  |  Used Crawler  |  Used Mini Excavator  |  Used Compactor  |  Used Crawler Cranes  |  Used Aerial Platform  |  Used Concrete Pump  |  Used Asphalt Paver  |  Used Concrete Mixers  |  Used Dump Trucks
Used Sports Bikes  |  Used Dirt Bikes  |  Used Street Bikes  |  Used Two Wheelers  |  Used Scooters

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