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Mr Jamon from Philippines


Mr Jamon is the owner and the president of a large size company in the Philippines.
While his company is already very successful, he is now considering to expand his business to other activities, as construction. In order to begin in construction, he will need some small machineries and some trucks, and the most popular models of those machines in the Philippines are imported from Japan.
Searching for a Japanese partner for his project, Jamon has checked several companies on the website of the JUMVEA, the official association of vehicle exporters in Japan. There, he has found the name of RamaDBK, a major exporter of trucks to the Philippines. He has contacted RamaDBK to make an appointment and he has come to Yokohama to meet with our sales representative, Tishan.
Tishan has helped Mr Jamon to choose the best types of vehicles and of machineries to achieve his projects and he has given him offers and quotations for many units in good condition available on the Japanese market.

Mr JamonVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: RamaDBK Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
Ms. Caroline Bradley from New Zealand

Wonderful service offered by JapanCarinfo

Thank you so much for my car that i received it is good, I like it.
I am extremely satisfied with the vehicle that I purchased from JapanCarInfo.

Ms. Caroline BradleyVerified Verified Buyer

 New Zealand

Dealer: Traffic Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
Before Delivery Pictures
Julius Laban from Kenya

This is a wonderful company where you are assured the car will be delivered promptly after payment.Bravo!!!!!!!!!!
I have bought several cars for Kenyan market from AutocraftJapan and the cars are clean, reliable and the price better than that of giants

Julius Laban


Dealer: Autocraft Japan Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
 from Hungary

Silvia K'S BLACK 5-Speed

Thank you to Royal Trading. I received the car in good condition

Verified Verified Buyer


Dealer: Royal Trading Co., Ltd, Matsumoto, Japan
Mr. B.P.S. Chandrasena from Sri Lanka

Customer very satisfied with his new Toyota Vitz from Jay's

Mr. B.P.S. Chandrasena is living in Narammala.

He has decided to purchase a beautiful Toyota Vitz from Jay's.

Mr. B.P.S. ChandrasenaVerified Verified Buyer

 Sri Lanka

Dealer: Jays Investments Lanka Pvt Ltd, Kotte, Sri Lanka
Rebman Sunzu from Tanzania


Really appreciate on your services. I just received the unit with no damage/scratch like you promised me. As you can see on the photo. I will keep to order another.

Rebman SunzuVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: AUTOEXPERT.JP, Ebina, Japan
Mr. Felix Kipleting Murei from Kenya

Thank you!!

I am so happy to receive my car, Thank you so much JapanCarInfo.

Mr. Felix Kipleting MureiVerified Verified Buyer


for Nissan X-trail 2014

Dealer: Traffic Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
Before Delivery Pictures
Nissan X-trail 2014
Mr. Ernest from Burundi

Happy Cusotomer From Burundi Visits Auto Link office in Japan

Mr.Ernest from Burundi purchasing vehicles from Auctions in Japan. He is very satisfied about our service and reasonable prices. This time he visits our office in Yokohama and Kobe to explore new business opportunities and strengthen future business relationship with Auto Link Holdings LLC. One of our senior sales executive Mr.Hiroshi Tomita has guided him auction houses and shipping yard.

Mr. ErnestVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: Auto Link Holdings LLC, Yamato, Japan
Peter from Kenya


Peter is working at the University of Eldoret, in the West of Kenya. As he wanted to offer a new car to his wife, Peter began searching for a high quality and reliable vehicle on the local market. Yet, as he could not find the ideal car for his family, Peter decided to import one directly from Japan. Peter heard of RamaDBK ltd. He sent and enquiry trough the website and soon, Madusha, a sales coordinator at RamaDBK, contacted him and asked precise questions to understand his exact needs. Peter wanted a Mazda CX-7, comfortable and equipped with all necessary safety equipment. Madusha sent him several offers for some CX-7 in very good condition. Peter selected a beautiful purple color CX-7 with sporty alloy wheels. The shipment process was very quick and within one month time, the car was already arrived in Mombasa port. Peter and his wife were very satisfied with the quality of the car, beautiful just as on the pictures. To thank Madusha for her outstanding service, Peter sent photos

PeterVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: RamaDBK Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
John & Chin from Australia

Thank you for your great service and support

We have received the Minicab Miev. Thank you for your great service and support. I wanted to not say much until everything was complete and we had received the van before we thanked you. You are welcome to come and stay with us anytime and it was a real pleasure to do business with you and hope to do more in the future. Chin, my wife is enjoying driving it and has learned to like it.

I can't say enough good things about you and your company. It was perfect.

John & ChinVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: JPC Trade Co.,Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
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