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Ismail from Maldives


Ismail is manager in a consortium of companies operating in diverse industries Recently, he started looking for reliable trucks to expand his local logistics business. After consultation with his drivers, he realized that Japanese trucks would be the best option. Ismail checked vehicles from exporters in Japan and he finally chose the trucks offered by RamaDBK. His sales coordinator, Madusha, listened carefully Ismail to make sure that the trucks she was offering were the best match for his needs. She offered several Mitsubishi Canter flat bed trucks in very good condition and gave all the details and pictures necessary for Ismail to take a decision. Ismail sent a payment and the vehicles were delivered within a few weeks in Male port, in Maldives.
To thank Madusha for her outstanding service, Ismail sent her a nice thanks message “Madusha, we thank you for your support. You did a good job, we are very happy for your work”.

IsmailVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: RamaDBK Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
Mr. D.W Marambage from Sri Lanka

Satisfied Customer with his new Suzuki Alto Turbo RS imported from Jay's

Mr. D.W Marambage is very satisfied with the vehicle, in perfect condition, remitted by Jay's.

Mr. D.W MarambageVerified Verified Buyer

 Sri Lanka

Dealer: Jays Investments Lanka Pvt Ltd, Kotte, Sri Lanka
Mr.Franklin from Zambia

New Comments from Zambia about Hiace van

Dear Carpaydiem
I received the car and its a good vehicle. Like u said, I have attached a photo of the same and do the needy. Am enjoying here. Thanks guys. You are great.

Mr.FranklinVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: Carused.Jp, Kawasaki, Japan
Mr. Nishtar from Sri Lanka

Customer very satisfied with his new vehicle from Jay's

Mr Nishtar is living in the suburb of Kolonnawa, a thriving multi-ethnic an multi-religious district in Colombo.

He has decided to purchase a beautiful Suzuki Wagon R Stingray from Jay's.
The car is in perfect condition and Jay's sales coordinators have provided an outstanding service during the whole sales process.

Mr. NishtarVerified Verified Buyer

 Sri Lanka

Dealer: Jays Investments Lanka Pvt Ltd, Kotte, Sri Lanka
Mr. Edmond Bryan from Barbados

Very pleasant experience

Very pleasant experience all through the entire customer journey!

Mr. Edmond BryanVerified Verified Buyer


for Toyota Hiace Van 2014

Dealer: Traffic Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan
Before Delivery Pictures
Toyota Hiace Van 2014
 from Zambia

Thank you for nice photo!!

Verified Verified Buyer


Dealer: Carused.Jp, Kawasaki, Japan
Mr. Alex from United States

Mitsubishi Delica L300 . .Great experience with you ! ! !

Thank you very much for the great support, Mihila International. This was my 1st camper and the second one onboard. Thank you very much Mr. Austin for your great help. I will continually buying vehicles from you . . . .

Mr. AlexVerified Verified Buyer

 United States

Dealer: Mihila International Co. Ltd., Hachioji, Japan
Ms. Avril Barnes from Jamaica

I Really Enjoy Driving my First Car.

I really enjoy driving my first car. It is in a very good condition and very nice look from outside to inside. I real appreciate the all the support I got from you.

Ms. Avril BarnesVerified Verified Buyer


Dealer: Sanuki Corporation, Bando, Japan
 from Finland

2011 Nissan Cube

The technical inspection (or MOT) passed without any problems. The tires were new and the car was cleaner than I expected. My transactions experience was remarkable.

Verified Verified Buyer


Dealer: Quality Auto Co. Ltd., Nagoya, Japan
 from DR Congo

I am very satisfied with the service

Good service from us, including them cars

Verified Verified Buyer

 DR Congo

Dealer: Carused.Jp, Kawasaki, Japan
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