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Stepmath Auto Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica


Stepmath Auto Ltd.

94B Old Hope Rd, Kingston 6, Kingston, Jamaica
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Dealer, Importers

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Its a very big decision, you need an automobile and you want the best value for you hard earned dollar. What is the best vehicle for you? What are the specifications of the Japanese domestic automobiles? What new features do they have. There are a lot of questions. There are many Japanese domestic cars (JDM), some of which you may not have considered. This section of our website will try to answer some of these concerns by providing information on Japanese vehicles. We do not import all the JDM models produced because of parts availability.

Vehicles intended for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) are always designed to a higher specification than for the export market,and while in Japan suffered less abuse. Nevertheless, due to particular social & economic constraints, used vehicles in superb condition can be obtained at good prices.

Superb and cheap automobiles, beautiful countryside and perfectly maintained roads should make Japan a motorist paradise. Unfortunately, congested urban areas, costly toll roads and tight holiday schedules take most of the fun out of long distance car travel. Toll highways traffic jams longer than 100 kms are common on major holidays.

The efficient rail and subway transportation system is always favored for daily commuting, and the SHINKANSEN (bullet train) takes care of more serious traveling needs.

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