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Shima Company Ltd., Minamisoma, Japan

Shima Company Ltd.

73-2, Gongenshita, Shidoke, Haramachi-ku, Minamisoma, Fukushima, Japan, 975-0042
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9:00 - 18:00(JST)
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Kazuki Shima [President]
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Company Profile

Shima Company, Ltd. was founded in Fukushima prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan in 1975, two years after the first oil shock of 1973, when oil prices skyrocketed and the entire world was thrown into economic turmoil. Our company focused mainly on the sale of new and used cars and car supplies, moving into the overseas used car market in the 21st century. Despite an era of zero economic growth, we achieved staggering growth year after year.

Over the years, Japanese cars have made advances in technology and rapidly gained market share in a bid to catch up to and surpass the lead runners in the U.S. and Europe. With highly-sophisticated technology that helps lessen car trouble, Japanese cars have outstanding design and fuel efficiency and are perfectly suited to an eco-friendly world. At Shima Company, we export used Japanese cars to countries all over the world. We help our overseas partners—who know the quality of Japanese cars—to enjoy life with their cars at a reasonable price.

All cars produced in Japan are of the highest quality, and are popular with people around the world. This high standard for quality is found in cars both new and used, and has led to a rapid increase in exports. This has led to some unscrupulous dealers taking advantage of the situation and trading inferior automobiles, causing trouble for many people. However, our used cars are test-run in Japan and shipped out only after thoroughly checking for quality. That is why our dealers and partners can sell our cars with confidence.

In advanced nations, where "motarization" has evolved, people use their cars every day in comfort and safety. In developing countries, however, cars are not thought of for merely their convenience or inconvenience, but have a large impact on life itself. For example, trucks and industrial vehicles can be used in maintaining infrastructure and help to lay roads, build public facilities, and stop flooding rivers. Passenger vehicles enable them to see that doctor in a mountain village hundreds of kilometers away. Exporting used cars of superior quality contributes not only to expanding our business, but it helps people with problems that affect their lifestyle and lives.

Shima Company Ltd. Deals In

Mini Bus  |  Medium Bus  |  Used Large Bus  |  Micro Bus
SUV  |  MUV  |  Hatchback  |  Wagon  |  Sedan Cars  |  Coupe  |  Mini Vans  |  Long Vans  |  Vans  |  Jeeps  |  Pickups  |  Used Vehicles  |  Used Saloon
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Used Sports Bikes  |  Used Dirt Bikes  |  Used Street Bikes  |  Used Two Wheelers  |  Used Scooters
Engines Parts  |  Body Parts  |  Car Parts  |  Electric Parts  |  Truck Parts  |  Bus Parts  |  Mechanical Parts  |  Accessories
Mini Truck  |  Light Duty Trucks  |  Used Heavy Duty Trucks  |  Freezer Trucks  |  Special Purpose Trucks  |  Used Garbage Trucks  |  Fire Trucks  |  Cargo Trucks  |  Container Trucks  |  Armroll Trucks  |  Used Tipper Trucks  |  Trailer Trucks  |  Wingbody Trucks  |  Box Body Trucks  |  Trailer Head  |  Flat Trucks  |  Tankers

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