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RamaDBK Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

Customer voice for RamaDBK Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

A satisfied customer of RamaDBK from East Africa.

 from Tanzania

At RamaDBK we try to do our best to get you the best car for the right price. Our experienced sales staff always make sure the customer knows the condition of the vehicle. A customer from East Africa contacted us looking to purchase a bus for his transport business in East Africa he sent an inquiry to us and was contacted by our senior sales staff Mr. Wicky. After speaking with the customer, Mr. Wicky recommended several units available in RamaDBK stock that will meet the requirements the customer has, the customer was interested in the white ISUZU bus sent by Mr. Wicky after speaking with the customer and negotiating he closed the sales and made arguments for the bus to be shipped to East Africa.

Another satisfied customer of RamaDBK

 from Jamaica

At RamaDBK we try to do our best to get you the best car for the right price. our experienced sales staff always make sure the customer knows the condition of the vehicle. Such is the case of one customer from the West indies. He was looking for a very specific car witch was a HONDA FIT RS in orange color. He contacted Ms. Imalka one of RamaDBK’s top sale staff after speaking with the customer Ms. Imalka was able to find the exact vehicle the customer was looking for she sent the details to the customer. After looking over the pictures and vehicle details condition and mileage. The customer stated to negations. Ms. Imalka spoke with the customer tried to get the best discount she can. The customer happy with the price he sent the payment and the vehicle was shipped to him soon as possible. When he received the vehicle, he was so happy with the unit’s condition and the price he got, he sent a very good feedback thanking Ms. Imalka and RamaDBK for the excellent service.

RamaDBK the family’s car dealership!

Miss. Emma from Jamaica

Miss. Emma

Mr. Robert from the West Indies is a longtime customer of RamaDBK and has purchased many Vehicles from our senior assistant sales manager Mr. Amila Rodrigo over the years. He has always given us good feedback about the vehicles he has purchased from us. He has recommended our services to many of his family and friends many times. Recently Mr. Robert’s very own daughter was looking to buy her very first car. Miss. Emma contacted Mr. Amila and gave us her requirements and the type of car she was interested in after speaking with her. Mr. Amila found the perfect unit in our stock for her. It was a 2017 Toyota Passo in Black. She was happy with the unite immediately sent the payment and the vehicle was shipped to her. When Miss. Emma received the car she sent a video showing the car and thanking Mr. Amila and RamaDBK for the great customer service.
So if you’re looking for the car of your dreams please contact us at RamaDBK.com The one-stop car shop! We will make your dreams come to l

9900kgs vacuum truck for an East African customer.

Mr. Dennis from Tanzania

Mr. Dennis

Some vehicles are always difficult to locate especially rare good condition vehicles. RamaDBK purchasing team always comb the Japanese auction for rare vehicles so we can support our customer needs without delay. Mr. Dennis who was a long-time RamaDBK customer knew RamaDBK is the best place to get his requirement and as he suspected this gem of the large truck was in stock. 9900kg capacity FUSO vacuum truck, in great condition. Mr. Dennis contacted RamaDBK and our African market expert Mr. Arosh spoke with Mr. Dennis and immediately spoke with the Sales Manager and arranged to reserve the unit. Further Mr. Arosh worked with Mr. Dennis to get the payment plan approved so he can do the payment step by step. Meantime Mr. Arosh was working with the shipping department to ship the vehicle at Mr. Dennis’s convenience.

A BMW X3 SUV for an East Africa customer!

Mr. Katabi from Tanzania

Mr. Katabi

When you are searching for your dream car, value for money is very important to customers as it would be a great investment. We at RamaDBK know exactly a new car means to you and we would like to be the vehicle providing a partner to make our dream car a reality. Mr. Katabi from East Africa is one such customer who was looking for his Dream car a BMW X3 SUV. He sent an inquiry to RamaDBK and spoke with our experienced sales person Mr. Aman and explained his requirements. Mr. Aman understanding what exactly Mr. Katabi wanted to found a Gorgeous BMW X3 unit and informed the customer. Happy with the options in the vehicle provided by the RamaDBK salesperson, Mr. Katabi decided to purchase a BMW X3 SUV from RamaDBK. Once the vehicle reached Dar es Salaam, He was very happy and sent a message with a picture thanking Mr. Aman & RamaDBK for selling him the vehicle of his Dreams. So if you’re looking for the car of your dreams please contact us at RamaDBK.com The one-stop car shop!

A customer from Africa buys a Mitsubishi Triton double cab.

Mr. Yanguéma Zacharie from Central African

Mr. Yanguéma Zacharie

 Central African
RamaDBK President Mr. Jagath Ramanayake is a hands-on leader, each customer inquiry is followed up and satisfaction is ensured. Mr. Yanguéma Zacharie from Africa sent an Inquiry which was received by Mr. Jagath and was forwarded to our African market specialist Mr. Ifaaz who straight away contact the customer without delay. Even though the desired vehicle was not available in our stock, Mr. Ifaaz noted the information carefully and worked with our dedicated Purchasing Team to locate the Vehicle. Mitsubishi Triton 2008 unit was carefully selected which immediately confirmed by Mr. Zacharie. The rest process was completed with great efficiency and the vehicle reached Port Douala in June of 2020. Mr. Zacharie truly satisfied with his purchase send a few photos to show appreciation.

When a customer chooses to contact RamaDBK through any platform, they are amazed by the great services in store for them.

A longtime African customer appreciates the great service from Rama DBK in challenging times.

Mr. Humberto from Mozambique

Mr. Humberto

This year has been challenging for many around the world. Many have faced tough challenges but yet continue to face those challenges in a positive attitude. RamaDBK is a company which stood the test of time, even these tougher times, we strive to bring our valued customer the best-uninterrupted service. Mr. Humberto has been a long-time customer of RamaDBK and his purchases were handled by our African Market Expert Mr. Amila Rodrigo. With the current situation in mind, Mr. Amila contacted Mr. Humberto and assured that all is under control and the vehicle shipment will be completed on time. Mr. Humberto appreciated the fact that RamaDBK is operating uninterrupted and further appreciated he was kept well informed. RamaDBK wishes to extend our gratitude towards customers such as Mr. Humberto who continue to move forward and it is our pleasure to be the service provider to such valued customers. Mr. Humberto has shared with us a picture and a few kind words to show appreciation.


Ms. Fauster from Sierra Leone

Ms. Fauster

 Sierra Leone
Teamwork always guarantees great results and this is a great example of it. When a customer contacts RamaDBK they receive the best service possible by a great team. In this case when Ms. Fauster was looking for an experienced salesperson to purchase a vehicle from she received service from 2 experienced Sales Staff, Ms. Imalka and Ms. Iresha. To give the best service possible by locating the requested vehicle urgently, both sales staff worked efficiently, updating the customer every step of the way, and purchased a Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2005 from an auction and arranged the shipping. Once the vehicle received Ms. Fauster, she was overjoyed and shared a picture along with a message thanking both sales staff.

“Hello team of RamaDBK, I am very great full to thank you for your co-operation. Special thank goes to Imalaka and Iresha for good customers care and cooperative.


Mr. Manuele from Samoa

Mr. Manuele

From the biggest companies to the self-employed, RamaDBK always enjoys providing great solutions to the International community of business. We believe by supporting each other we will grow together. Mr. Manuele from Samoa was looking to upgrade his current truck line-up with urgently required Garbage Compactors and send Inquiries to many companies. RamaDBK Inquiry was received by our experienced Assistant Sales Manager Mr. Amila Rodrigo and he contacted Mr. Manuele urgently. RamaDBK being the best place for buying commercial trucks had garbage Compactors in stock and Mr. Manuele immediately finalized 2 trucks and request urgent shipment to meet his business needs. Mr. Amila sprung into action immediately and with the assistance of our dedicated shipping department was able to arrange shipment and do the needful as requested. Mr. Manuele who was satisfied immensely send his appreciation with few photos and kind words toward Mr. Amila.


Mr. Sergio from Malta

Mr. Sergio

‘Word of Mouth’ very powerful when you have good customer satisfaction percentage. Categorizing customer satisfaction as one of its highest priorities, RamaDBK has earned the trust of many customers who would recommend us to anyone without any hesitation. Mr. Sergio from Malta is one of our valued customers who recommended us to Mrs. Francis Ciantar, a strong spirited cancer survivor looking for a hatchback. Mr. Sergio introduced our Sales Coordinator Mr. Ashmika to Mrs. Francis who expressed in getting a fully electric hatchback. Mr. Ashmika recommended Nissan Leaf as a good choice due to its reliability and great added value.
Mrs. Francis trusting Mr. Ashmika’s recommendation choose the Nissan Leaf and proceeded to order it. Once the vehicle was received by Mrs. Francis, she was very much satisfied with the recommended vehicle and shared a few photos to share her gratitude.
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