RamaDBK Ltd.

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RamaDBK Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

Customer voice for RamaDBK Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

I am a Dealer and always purchase vehicle from ramadbk

Mello from Philippines


RamaDBK is giving the vehicles of the best quality to her professional customers engaged in trucking or transportation industry. If you need a truck or a bus for your company, don’t hesitate to ask RamaDBK for some offers and quotations.

I have purchased several cars from Rama DBK

Kapila from Sri Lanka


 Sri Lanka
I Am working for a large motor vehicle dealership in Sri Lanka. I have been in contact with RamaDBK for many years and he has already purchased several cars from RamaDBK.

I am a prominent car dealer in Sri Lanka and I am always purchase car from Rama DBK.

Nuwan Weerarathne from Sri Lanka

Nuwan Weerarathne

 Sri Lanka
I have been purchasing many cars from RamaDBK over the last few years for his dealership in Sri Lanka. I have begun importing cars from RamaDBK when the Sri Lankan car market opened up in year 2009.
I am using the services of RamaDBK to purchase new cars in the Japanese vehicle auctions, but also to arrange inspection and to deliver the vehicles in Hambantota port in Sri Lanka.

I am a regular customer of Rama DBK

Thein from Myanmar


I have already imported several cars and buses from RamaDBK and i am very satisfy their services.

I purchased many trucks in good condition.

Julius from Malawi


The dealer is interested in getting a truck that he has found on RamaDBK website. But to make sure that the truck is as good as it is looking on the website, Julius is going to check the truck by himself, ...

I am a raegular customer of Rama DBK

Ramitha De Silva from Sri Lanka

Ramitha De Silva

 Sri Lanka
I am a one of Rama DBK’s regular customers in Sri Lanka, has visited Rama DBK as a part of his business trip to Japan. This is his first visit to Japan and we’re very happy to see him.

I am very happy and satisfy dealing with Rama DBK

Krishantha Fernando from Sri Lanka

Krishantha Fernando

 Sri Lanka
I am a prominent importer and dealer of passenger cars in Sri Lanka. He has been purchasing many units from RamaDBK each month for several years already.As a long time customer, he has decided to come to Japan to strengthen his relations with his Japanese partner, RamaDBK company.

I am happy dealing with ramadbk

Weerasinghe from Sri Lanka


 Sri Lanka
I needed some spare parts for his car, he has come to RamaDBK office in Yokohama. I knows RamaDBK very well, as he has already come to our company in 2013. Our spare parts specialist, Mr Kodama, has helped him to find the parts needed and has given him a quotation.

I am very happy to receive my car

Habibu from Tanzania


I am very happy to receive my car and its condition is very good, I can immediately begin to use the car.

I am satisfy dealing with ramadbk

Bhaves from Tanzania


Bhaves has become one of the prominent car dealers in Dar Es Salaam in the last few years, importing mainly high quality cars from Japan. He is also one of the rare dealers in Tanzania to offer a guarantee on the vehicles he is selling, with his own spare parts and repair workshop.
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