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Proto Corporation, Nagoya, Japan

Proto Corporation

Bill 1-23-14 Aoi Aoi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Dealer, Exporter

Company Profile

Since ancient times, mankind is to collect information from a variety of natural phenomena, and predicted that the future for tomorrow, has been living help. Of all time, what information was indispensable in order to build a good life.
Proto Corporation We are living up information from vehicle information from vast amounts of information, to collect and examine information suitable for each individual, but to deliver customized content as to everyone. This concept starts from the "used car communication," published in 1977 prior to the spread of the Internet, "Goo-net" current, further, continues to evolve toward the coming years.

nternet and mobile phone penetration in recent years has greatly varied information environment. By blogs and SNS, and disseminate information on the net for everyone to share that information, the various communities has been flooded. If the automatic translation systems evolve, it can lead the world and more. If you become full-fledged ubiquitous society, everything is food, clothing and shelter on the net connection, you will be able to share information anytime and anywhere.

When it comes to information we are dealing with used car, you might find the time will come when directly in Europe and the United States or imported cars you want, can originate directly from the car body the condition of the vehicle you want to sell, for example. Potential of the Internet is spreading increasingly. You should continue to diversified and segmented further information needs accordingly. Moreover, as you proceed to share information, its reliability and safety will be questioned.

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