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Pro-J, Kobe, Japan


4-19-15-501, Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, 650-0003
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer, Exporters
Contact Person
Hiroshi TOMITA

Company Profile

Pro-J specializes in exporting used-cars from Japan into countries all over the world in response to your wide range of demands. First of all, we cherish relationship of mutual trust that should be established one step by one step by accumulating actual performances.

We do believe that such actual performances are the results of our tailor-made services with the best of our intentions. If necessary, we visit your country to see you face to face to build on the relations of trust.

Our policy in selecting cars at auction places

To African countries buyers:

I frequently visit the car auctions here in Japan and sometimes find a very quality car with reasonable budget with year 1995 – 2000 for example. There are many used cars in the car auction places such as more than 9,000 cars in one auction place (HAA). But, if I narrow down to the cars with year 1995 – 2000, I guess that there are around 800 used cars per one auction.

Further, I must set aside cars with engine less than 999 cc that are popular only in Japan because of the tax in Japan where such cars are given preferential treatment on year’s automobile tax from the reason that such cars consume less gasoline and environmentally friendly.

So, if I set aside such cars, the remaining available cars are like 500 used cars or less per one auction (HAA). I closely check such cars (used cars with year 1995 – 2000) one by one with my own eyes (not pictures on Internet), although it takes me time and energy (indeed it takes a lot of time and my energies).

However, when I do so, I noticed that I can surely find very good quality cars that are rare in the market. I cannot find such very good quality cars not so many. I guess that normally I can find such cars with 5 – 6 units or less per one auction. (Sometimes 2 – 3 units or less) The quantity is so small, but such cars have a strong attraction to people. Sometimes I notice myself wanting to buy one of such cars for my own use.

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