Oriental Vehicle Exports Co. Ltd.

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Oriental Vehicle Exports Co. Ltd., Taki, Japan


Oriental Vehicle Exports Co. Ltd.

328-7 Ueno, Meiwa-Cho, Taki-Gun, Taki, Mie, Japan, 515-0312
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer
Contact Person
Hiro Yodo

Company Profile

Oriental Vehicle Exports was established in 2004 to supply just 5,6 vehicles a month to Australia. Actually it was not really a business but just a sort of hobby and weekend job. I and my wife enjoyed this business and we did not expect our business to be expanded much and just concentrated on supplying good quality vehicles only.

Fortunately our small business had good reputation and it was spread by word of mouth a little by little. Our good reputation brought more and more business and it made OVE incorporated in October 2005.

However, we are still small company exporting approx. 50-80 vehicles a month to oversea because almost all vehicles we purchase for our customers at japanese auto auctions are inspected very carefully before we bid the vehicles. To make it possible, we have to focus on only small numbers of vehicles.

Nowadays, it is true that the internet access made it possible to buy cars very easily staying in the office instead of visiting the auctions to inspect cars, but we have known that the report by auction staff is far from reliable. That is why we still visit the auctions every week to inspect the cars and find the acution's mistake.

The biggest merit to use OVE is that you can receive email from OVE with many pictures of your target car and you can even feel as if you were in Japan and seeing the cars by yourself. And you can receive these emails before the bidding time. We belive this unique system would get rid of the risk of unexpected damages from your car.

There are thousands of used car suppliers in japan. If you do not want to be disappointed with the condition of the car, just use OVE. We will let you feel the difference.

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