MKT Japan Co., Ltd.

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MKT Japan Co., Ltd., Kyotanabe, Japan

MKT Japan Co., Ltd.

22-55, Kaburagi, Tanabe, Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan, 6100331
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Dealer, Exporters
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Murakami Yuichi Sama [CEO]
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Company Profile

A private company that conducts business in the japanese used car sector.Most of the companies claim to be the best, or the fast growing in the sector.We simply listen to your needs and based on that we take action. We are a private company that purchases vehicles on behalf you at the Japanese wholesale auctions.
We are a company that provides excellent service focused on the needs of individuals and dealers looking for cars. We can get from only one unit, (tailored and customized search) up to wholesale for a particular model.

Buying a car by internet from JAPAN!!! Might sound weird to you.
There might be some people that would never do it.
MKT JAPAN is here to answer those in the need of having a reliable partner, a complex process made it easy for you.
Being patient with you if you do not fully understand the process, be speedy if you are an advanced purchaser. So, pick your car and leave us the rest.

Multicultural and Multi language team:
We provide advice on recent prices, tendencies, translation from Japanese to your own language, more detailed inspection and pictures.
Understanding you is crucial to us to conduct our business, so let us know more about you. We provide LIVE results of your biddings. And always a smile.
We love our job, so we care about your car as if they were ours. That makes us different from the rest of competitors.

Personalized attention, competitive prices, excellent service:
We will always reply your messages on time and be there to listen to your needs. Our excellent relationships with providers and clients make us an efficient way to be a broker, between manufacturers and clients. We are members of all auctions in Japan which allow us to bid nation worldwide. Not only that our branch in Mexico can allow us to provide Left hand cars at bulk prices. Due to the stated reasons we can provide very competitive prices with excellent service.

MKT Japan Co., Ltd. Deals In

Mini Bus  |  Medium Bus  |  Used Large Bus  |  Micro Bus  |  Used Buses
SUV  |  MUV  |  Hatchback  |  Wagon  |  Sedan Cars  |  Used Cars  |  Coupe  |  Mini Vans  |  Long Vans  |  Vans  |  Jeeps  |  Pickups  |  Used Vehicles  |  Used Saloon  |  Damaged Cars
Engines Parts  |  Body Parts  |  Car Parts  |  Electric Parts  |  Truck Parts  |  Bus Parts  |  Mechanical Parts  |  Accessories  |  Half Cut  |  Nose Cut  |  Auto Parts  |  Container Load Parts  |  Used & New Spare Parts
Mini Truck  |  Light Duty Trucks  |  Used Heavy Duty Trucks  |  Freezer Trucks  |  Special Purpose Trucks  |  Used Garbage Trucks  |  Fire Trucks  |  Cargo Trucks  |  Container Trucks  |  Armroll Trucks  |  Used Tipper Trucks  |  Trailer Trucks  |  Wingbody Trucks  |  Box Body Trucks  |  Trailer Head  |  Flat Trucks  |  Tankers  |  Used Trucks

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(Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association)


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Kyoto CCI

(Kyoto Chamber of Commerce)
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