Little Japan Inc

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Little Japan Inc, St. Michael, Barbados

Little Japan Inc

Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, Barbados
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Dealer, Importers

Company Profile

Little Japan Barbados Incorporated was founded on the 17th March 2007 within Barbados. At the time, prices on used auto parts were almost as expensive as brand new parts from the major new car dealers on the island. The monopoly that existed within Barbados was terrible for the average consumer to bear. Little Japan Barbados Inc. came into existence then and has brought a stop to this unnecessary and expensive practice for over 5 years. At Little Japan Barbados Inc. we only deal with quality used auto parts. No other second hand supplier in the island can guarantee that their parts are genuine used quality parts. All vehicles are inspected thoroughly within Japan for defects and or damages prior to disassembly and shipping into Barbados. No defective product is shipped or passed off as a working product.

At Little Japan Barbados Inc. we supply and can install any item that you wish to have inserted into your vehicle. Our team of trained and experienced mechanics can install our parts into your vehicle for an additional installation fee. The advantages of this are that we know what we are placing into your vehicle and if there are any problems, we could address them there and then after informing you.

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Engines Parts  |  Body Parts  |  Car Parts  |  Electric Parts  |  Truck Parts  |  Bus Parts  |  Mechanical Parts  |  Accessories  |  Half Cut  |  Nose Cut  |  Auto Parts  |  Container Load Parts  |  Used & New Spare Parts
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