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Lib Corporation, Hamada, Japan

Lib Corporation

2135-8, Atsuta-cho, Hamada, Shimane, Japan, 697-0062
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer, Exporters
Contact Person
Katsuhiro Takahashi [President]

Company Profile

Lib Corporation established the used car export business section in 1997. Since then, we have expanded business for Russia especially, where the development is remarkable as a part of BRIC'S, and have been exporting 15000 units in a year. LIB Corp. inherited the business in 2006, extended business scale and exported 20000 units in 2007. We thank for the patronage of overseas buyers and the great support from administration, automotive industry and financial institution in Shimane-ken and Hamada City.

The quality of the cars of our country is already recognized to be the world's best standard among the overseas buyers. The rising of the demand for Japanese used cars, especially standard of quality is expected in future with the development of the overseas countries. We try for the further stable supply of high quality cars in order to answer the expectation.

From 2008 we utilize prosperous shipping traffice of Hamada Port, Shimane-ken effectively, which is located in closeness of only 900km from Vladivostok of Russia across the Japan Sea, and started to export the local product such as vegetables and fruits, and building materials.

We have a mission to contribute to the economic development of stronghold Hamada City, Shimane-ken and Chugoku Region through these business, and intend to exchange information with the person concerned positively and advance with prosperity of the people.

Lib Corporation Deals In

Mini Bus  |  Medium Bus  |  Used Large Bus  |  Micro Bus  |  Used Buses
SUV  |  MUV  |  Hatchback  |  Wagon  |  Sedan Cars  |  Used Cars  |  Coupe  |  Mini Vans  |  Long Vans  |  Vans  |  Jeeps  |  Pickups  |  Used Vehicles  |  Used Saloon

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