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Jocks Bilimport, Skaevinge, Denmark


Jocks Bilimport

Industrivnget 22, Melse, Skaevinge, Denmark, 3320
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Dealer, Importers
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Welcome to Jocks Car imports. Jocks Car imports was started in 2007 by Kim Sømod & Jesper Olsen. Our goal and vision with Jocks Car imports was that we were able to import special JDM cars home to Denmark cheaper than if you even did it.

After some years in the market, we built a network of suppliers acting cars from the same quality as we make the cars we import for our customers and not least we can rely 100% on them. It takes a very confident person to use to import his dream car when buying the car from images taken in the example. Japan / UK / USA.

We believe that this confidence is built up best by the importer to use at least able to produce a kind of warehouse of cars, business, professional website, sales & delivery conditions and excellent reputation. As the veins are gone and our experience and networks have been developed, we chose mid 2009 to expand the business with the import of spare parts, aftermarket performance parts and styling for JDM cars. Like our requirements for quality of cars are of high standard we have chosen to sell the spare parts which includes a high quality.

Our goal with the import of spare parts is that we need to deliver these parts to our customers more cheaply than if you actually purchase the pieces through a website abroad. Jocks Car imports are now a distributor of many quality products and we are fully-competitive with foreign sites and we can always beat the price. In 2010 launched Jocks our Operations team to highlight our position in the market for imports of JDM cars and parts.

We are now one of the largest import companies of JDM cars and the only one with our very own professional management team. Jocks had not become what it is today without the great help we have received from friends / acquaintances and not least our good customers who we hope will be with us for many years. Sincerely, Team Jocks.

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