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Jimex Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

Customer voice for Jimex Co. Ltd., Yokohama, Japan

Alex from Russia


JIMEX is engaged in delivery vehicles and special equipment from Japan to Russia. In this market, we have been working for more than eight years and have good experience of co-operation with different suppliers in Japan.

Over the past two years, our permanent partner from Japan is JIMEX.

I really like the professionalism of managers. They are very well aware of their work, give prompt and perfect response to all the questions, you can be well-informed about the condition of the car, update on each stages of transport, always seek the shortest possible time to implement the order.

A major advantage of JIMEX is the company on which you can rely; do not have to worry about any of the quality or delivery of the vehicle.

JIMEX is the best company for the quality performance of their work, I hope for a long cooperation with you.

I AM SO Impressed

Mitchel Francois from Saint Lucia

Mitchel Francois

 Saint Lucia
My name is Mitchel Francois from the sunny Tropical Island of St.Lucia in the Caribbean.I am writing your company today to express my overwhelming satisfaction with the performance of one of your members namely Mr Kevin K.I am truly IMPRESSED with his timeliness ,attention to detail, his patience, the fact that he is always there to give me information when I need, is very pleasant and always willing to help.
Because of the warm welcome and now the good business relationship that I have with kevin I am contemplating starting a small business of ordering used cars from your company from members of the St, Lucia public. ALL fears of online business fraud went out the door,I have full confidence in your company and in kevin and would recommend or refer anyone to do business with your establishment.
Since I started with your company 2012 I have bought 5 vehicles and I am preparing to get at least 3 more before the year has ended.

Jimex Is Excellent

Dr. Florence Mamboya from Tanzania

Dr. Florence Mamboya

My name is Dr. Florence Mamboya, from Dar es Salaam Tanzania. I have an
experience of two years dealing with Jimex Company. It is an excellent
Vehicle selling company with excellent sales officers.

I have been dealing with Jhenya and I am extremely satisfied with her determination
and excellent customer care. I have ordered several cars from this
company and I have never got disappointed as their motor vehicles are in
excellent conditions with reasonable prices. Examples of vehicles that I
have ordered so far are: Honda CRV, Toyota Prado, two Nissan AD vans,
Toyota Gaia, Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Escudo and Toyota Rav-4 new model which
is soon to arrive.

Any Tanzanian, interested to order a car from this
company and in case you need any assistance or advice, you can contact me
through my e-mail address fmamboya@yahoo.co.uk or my mobile 0713307310

Many Thanks To Jimex

Mr. Shang Lean Chao from Mozambique

Mr. Shang Lean Chao

One of the big challenges in e-commerce is to convince the client to trust in
the seller since there is no physical interaction. Here in Mozambique the
conscious of virtual market is still low and we are still not much confident
with this technology. But with JIMEX and personally with James I could change
completely my mind. He transmit reliable information about the cars and also
the advantage of having supports or upgrades and all detail you need at very
short time.

I'm very much satisfied with his services and now I trust JIMEX options
since whenever i purchase a car I never regret. All came in perfect
conditions. I've bought more than 8 cars with James and I hope we can
continue our relationship in future

I Appreciated To Jimex

Mr. Shalva Kochiashvili from Georgia

Mr. Shalva Kochiashvili

I am very happy to cooperate with JIMEX Co.Ltd., especially with its Sales Representative Jhenya K.
She is very careful in handling deals and very responsible.
My best wishes to JIMEX Co.Ltd and its personnel.

Dealing With Jimex It's Lot Of Good And Secured

Mr. Akop Zakharyan from Georgia

Mr. Akop Zakharyan

Hello JIMEX Company and its staff! I have a lot of good experiences from the day that I start dealing with JIMEX, especially glad working with Jhenya.
Dealing with JIMEX I feel secured about quality, speed and good business attitude. All cars that I purchased from JIMEX are of good quality and delivered very fast. I will continue my business with JIMEX because they give me good deals and satisfaction. Many thanks to Jhenya for her carefulness and high level work; I deal with her from the day when I start my business with JIMEX.

With Regards,

Akop Zakharyan

My Deeply Feelings And Vote Of Thanks To Jimex

Mr. Said Ibrahim Ling'wala from Tanzania

Mr. Said Ibrahim Ling'wala

Dear Felix,

I want to express my deeply feelings and vote of thanks to you and your Company "JIMEX'' for the good service you always offer to me.
I am about to receive my 3rd unit from your company (Toyota IST), staring with my fist vehicle "BMW X5'', and the second one "SuzukiSwift",
all together the quality are superb and the trust that includes technical advise that you always offer to me is extremely wonderful.
I have learnt from you that trust in business can make one become bigger than anything. Me, and my family are very happy and we will continue doing
business with you for long to come. Be blessed!

Best Regards,

Said Ibrahim Ling'wala

Customer Appreciation from Georgia

Mr. Suren Bernetsyan from Georgia

Mr. Suren Bernetsyan

Good morning! I want to overview briefly my experience of dealing with your company.

I like it very much to work with your company, I am very satisfied with your services and believe we will keep dealing for long time.
Particulally I like dealing with Jhenya-she is very responsible and professional. Thank you for good cooperation JIMEX!

We Are More Than Greatful To Jimex

Mr. Lt. Col. Clement Jere from Zambia

Mr. Lt. Col. Clement Jere

I thank JIMEX Company for the service that
they accorded to me from the payments upto the monitoring of the
shipping and arrival of the automobile at Dar Es Salaam. I
was so happy when I received the papers confirming the shipment of the
automobile. JIMEX assisted me in arranging for a clearing agent at Dar Es Salaam.
My car arrived in very immaculate state and am currently enjoying the ride on my
Mitsubishi Challenger-my dream Car. Thanks to JIMEX and I would encourage
anyone wanting to buy a car from Japan to contact JIMEX because of the
good services and discounts that they offer. Even today I am still in
contact with JIMEX to inquire on anything to do with the auto mobile I got from
them and they have always been there for me to advise. My family is happy and we
are more than grateful to JIMEX Company

It's Great Experiance With Jimex

Mr. Riaz Khan Moner from Mozambique

Mr. Riaz Khan Moner

How are u sir? I am fine. I'm hire to talk about buying car's with JIMEX and Jewlor. He is one of the best dealer's that i have spoke at Japan. When some car have problem's ( can be engine problems, glass broken ), he alert me to not buy that unit. For me is one of the best you have in you're company.
I continue buying car's with him because of the prices and another big reason is because I trust on him..
I attached my picture at this email..
One thing that I dislike with Jewlor is because all the time he talks about deposit's, deposit's.. hahah
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