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Japan Motor Co., Ltd, Higashimurayama, Japan

Japan Motor Co., Ltd's Customers Reviews & Testimonials

Mr. Edvard from Philippines

Thank You Japan Motor.

Wonderful company with the wonderful service, very efficient and Highly Recommended. Thank You Japan Motor.

Mr. Edvard


Mr. Timo from Germany

THANKS to the TEAM of Japan Motor!

1… 2… 3… the third car has arrived, delivered quickly and in perfect condition. A smooth process! THANKS to the TEAM of Japan Motor! We have ordered three vehicles. All of them arrived in very short timeframe and all of them are in the perfect condition! We’re excited to have such a smooth transaction and reliable partner!!! Many thanks to Japan Motor TEAM!!!

Mr. Timo


Mr. Paul from Germany

Japan Motor is perfect and final result exceeded my expectations.

From the time of purchase to the time of collection in Bremerhaven port, the experience was very interesting and inspiring. Japan Motor Team staff are very helpful, friendly and quick to respond. The car I bought in auto auction through Japan Motor is perfect and final result exceeded my expectations.

Mr. Paul


Mr.  Fred from USA

I Am Very Happy With The Service Of Japan Motor.

I am very happy with the service at Japan Motor. I buy a few cars a year and The shipping has been very fast and any questions answered right away. I already have another car on the way. Thank you so much!

Mr. Fred


Mr. Alex from Germany

will recommend your company to my friends interested to buy from Japan Motor

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Japan Motor team to assist me to find my dream car and smoothly export to Germany. Definitely I will recommend your company to my friends interested to buy from Japanese auto Auctions.

Mr. Alex


Mr. Matthew from Australia

Thanks for your advise Japan Motor.

Cube Cubic is very affordable for a young family with very reasonable maintenance cost. This car looks small but huge inside. Reliable and affordable option was offered by Japan Motor. Thanks for your advise we are very happy family owning made in Japan quality vehicle.

Mr. Matthew


Ms. Michael from Australia

Thank You Japan Motor ...

I know I am the hardest customer of Japan Motor. My requirement was very precise. And I did not sacrifice any of my requirements even I knew that 4WD, 8-seater, fresh manufacturing year was very rare in Japan. Finally Japan Motor was able to win on the auction a car that we were looking for so long. Your tailored customer oriented service is best my friends! Thank you!

Ms. Michael


Ms. Kate from Australia

Thank you Japan Motor!

We love traveling. Kids always need more space while long distance driving. Finding right people mover in a right price was surprisingly easy with confident and customized service. Our beautiful Elgrand is very smooth and comfortable in driving. Japan Motor team was very friendly to introduce us to import industry people who supported us here in Queensland. Thank you Japan Motor and good luck!

Ms. Kate


Mr. Alan from New Zealand

Recommend For Truck Dealer

I am a truck dealer in Auckland. It has been almost 5 year to find reliable partner in Japan for additional special inspection in Japan both in auctions and local dealership. Finally I found Japan Motor company, whose staff goes to major auctions and do physical inspection of truck with additional photos, video, professional comments. Recommend for truck dealer! Already purchased 8 units and happy with that.
Thank You Japan Motor

Mr. Alan

 New Zealand

Drew Carapella from USA

We were impressed by Japan Motors efficiency, and professionalism.

My wife and I own Pella Cars in Rochester New York. We have imported many vehicles, but have only recently switched over to Umino at Japan-Motor. He reached out to us, having seen some of our import videos on YouTube, and we decided to give him a shot. Right away, We were impressed by his kindness, efficiency, and professionalism. We bought two cars to start, both of which were a pleasure, and continue to buy more. It is also worth mentioning that his process differed from what we were used to, but once he realize the difference, he had his office change to exactly what we had done in the past (paperwork process/order of operations), which is pretty amazing considering the volume of business they do. Excellent customer service. In short, we trust Umino with our money which says a lot, because this is not a hobby, but a substantial portion of our business which is, itself, the sole means of provision for our family of six. We hope to meet him face-to-face one day. Thank You Japan Motor.

Drew Carapella


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