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Japan Used Taxi Cars

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Import Used Taxi from Japan has a wide network of used cars exporters dealing in Japan taxi cars. We have huge stock of taxi on sale which are sourced from taxi companies all over the country.
These high-quality taxis are being exported to various parts of the world for the taxi business purpose. These vehicles are excellent in maintenance and have low fuel consumption which is beneficial for the taxi companies. Whether you're an individual buyer or a used car dealer purchasing used taxis from Japan, we provide full information about the vehicles. Please feel free to contact us.
Taxi vehicles come in 3 types:
  • Sedan Cars: Most common and demanded cars for Taxi
  • Vans: Helpfull in transporting large loads and big groups of people
  • Welfare Vehicles: Accommodating wheelchairs, etc. (mainly used by care facilities)
The most common cars for taxi is the sedan cars, which comes first to people's minds when they think about taxis. Most vehicles in Japan run on LPG including taxi, which is stored in a tank located in the car's trunk, just behind the rear passenger seat.
The vehicles we handle range from:
  • Small cars (Crown Comfort, Crew, Axela, Sylphy, Tilda) to
  • Mid-sized cars like Crown and Cedric.
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