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Japan Car Auction

Free Access Over 100,000 Cars at the Japan Car Auction!

Japan Auto Auction Video
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Japan used car auctions are very popular to buy your desire vehicle from Japan. Its really very easy and fast way to buy a vehicle from Japan at best competitive prices with all genuine and accurate information.
There are thousands of vehicles all over Japan in more than 100 auctions every week.
So if you want to buy any kind of used vehicle from Japanese auto auctions, please submit below Japan cars auction inquiry form and get best deal/offer from several reputed Japan cars auction members.
Please submit below Japan Auto Auction inquiry form for whatever vehicles you want to buy from Japanese Auto Auctions. We will forward your inquiry to 100's of trusted used vehicles Auction Agents in Japan to save your time. We do not charge any commission or transaction fee like other portals. It is totally free, safe & secure.

Japan Cars Auction Inquiry

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Terms & Conditions

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with JCT Premium & Gold Members to get best offers for my required vehicle.
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*If you are getting any offers from other than JCT Premium/Gold members for this inquiry, we request you to please do not deal with them for the safety of your payment. If you have any query, contact us.

Why Buy From Auction ??

1Accurate Information

All vehicles are checked and inspected by experts and prepare genuine and accurate auction inspection sheet for each vehicle.

2Large Stock

Around more than 50,000 cars every week available in all auction halls all over Japan. See below auction Calender.

3Easy to Buy

Its very easy to buy/sale used vehicles in Yahoo Car Auction and other Japanese Cars Auction. All information available in English language.

4Easy Access to All Information

All auction vehicles data information available online and can be access any part of the world.

5Many Auction Agents

There are hundreds of auction agents in Japan to get best deal.

6Vehicle Price

After successful buy by agent, you can see the price of the vehicle.

7Low Charges

Auction members charge only their auction, export processing and shipping arrangement charges.

How to Buy from Japanese Cars Auction?

Select an Auctioneer

Submit above inquiry form to get contacted by Auction Agents. You can also check hundreds of trusted "Auction Agents" in Japan.

Security Deposit

Once you decided to buy particular car, please make security deposit before bidding. After auction deposit is received, an auction consultant will start locating your target car from auctions.

Bidding Price

You have to be careful while deciding the bidding price of an auction car. Once car bidding price is determined, the auctioneer will bid on car at your target price.

Auction Result

If your Bid is won, please make remaining payment. If your bid unsuccessful, then security deposit will be refunded or you can use it for another vehicle.

Vehicle Shipment

Once all payment is confirmed, supplier will ship the car to the your port with all the necessary documents.

Japan Cars Auction Important Information

Japan car industry is one of the largest and most recognized in the world, with over millions of cars produced and exported almost every year. Japanese vehicles are popular across the world as they are reliable, safe, and high on quality. Read More...
Japan Used Cars Auction is a method of selling used cars and other vehicles based on auction bidding system. Japan car industry is one of the largest and most recognized in the world, with over millions of cars produced and exported almost every year. Read More...
Auto auctions were formed in Japan to make the sale and purchase of used cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, machinary, parts and other vehicles faster and easier. They are the most popular method of selling used vehicles in Japan. Read More...
There are large numbers of auction houses located all over Japan. Some of the popular Auction houses that contribute to Japanese used Auto market are AUCNET, USS Group, BCN Group and several others. Read More...
Auction houses are mostly preferred by people for purchasing used vehicle. They have gained this stature due to the good condition of the vehicles they offer and the trust & worthiness which has been developed over the time by the auction houses among people across the globe. Read More...
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