J-Max Co. Ltd.

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J-Max Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


J-Max Co. Ltd.

1-20-32-5F Miyamae Suginami, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 168-0081
Office Timings
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer
Contact Person
Hironori Arita [Managing Director]
Contact Person

Company Profile

Hironori Arita
Mr. Hironori Arita
Our company was founded in 1997 by our president, Hironori Arita. We started out our business by exporting used vehicles to our regular customers in New Zealand, and we have grown together with our customers by supporting each other.

In 2003, we incorporated our company “J-MAX CO.,LTD” aiming at expanding our business overseas. Our company moved ahead rapidly by succeeding in making business connections with not only our regular customers, but also with our new customers from all over the world.

Recently, Japanese export business of used vehicles has grown into a great market with the growth of the Japanese auction systems, exporting more than 1,200,000 vehicles per year to over 200 countries, such as Russia, UAE, South America, New Zealand, African countries, Mongolia, and other countries. This number shows that there is a high demand for Japanese used vehicles even in countries with cars with left-steering wheel drive. There are several underlying factors that contribute to this result. There is a common understanding that Japanese cars are reliable in quality, that the Japanese people treat their cars carefully, and that the good road conditions in Japan must have less damage to the vehicles.

Today, the history of Japanese exportation business of used vehicles has passed thirty years. As time passed, the means of purchasing the used vehicles has changed from direct purchase from dealers to hand-up auction, paper auction, and poss auction.
Now, the purchasing of used vehicles can be done easily with internet.

However, the slight depression in sale of new vehicles in Japan in passed 20 years has caused the situation of the used vehicle’s market to change: the prices of the vehicles have been rising while the quality of used vehicles have been lacking. Furthermore, the evaluation of each auction has not been reliable because of the repeated change of the evaluation system, and fact that each auction must secure certain number of vehicles.

While other companies heavily depend on purchasing vehicles via the internet since they regard profit as the most important. We are different. We ensure customer’s satisfaction by following our policy that we are proud with: “We only sell vehicles that our staff has checked in person.”

Our customers understand our policy and are satisfied with the quality of the used vehicles that we sell. Hence, most of our customers have a good relationship with us.

Would you want to work with us to succeed in a used vehicle business?
We are waiting for your contact.

Mr. Hironori Arita
J-Max Co. Ltd.

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