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Hino Melpha 2001 Very Good Conditioned

Mr Gibbs from Barbados

Mr Gibbs

I have ordered Hino rainbow bus from IT Plus Japan in November 2019. I'm very satisfied about the vehicle ans it was superb condition. Actually since it was manufactured 1994 i didn't expected such a great condition. That was a deal value for money. Recommending all people who likes to buy online vehicles. Thanks Mr Chamara for select super vehicle for me.
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Hino Melpha 2001 Very Good Conditioned

Mr. Ferdinand Rogers from Barbados

Mr. Ferdinand Rogers

I have order my bus last month and Finally i got it yesterday. It was in outstanding body condition and the running condition too. Mr Chamara from IT Plus Japan gave me a wonderful support to find this vehicle. I know there are lot of vehicle exporters in Japan but I honestly recommended IT Plus Japan to all my friends. Thank you IT Plus Japan.

Hino Liesse RX6JFA-40639 received from IT Plus Japan Corporation

Mr. Fabian from Barbados

Mr. Fabian

The bus Hino Liesse arrived in a very good condition. Its very comfortable and really looks great. Thank you IT Plus Japan Corporation & Thanks Chamara for your excellent services.

It's safely arrived to Congo thanks IT Plus Japan

Mr. Jean from DR Congo

Mr. Jean

 DR Congo
I have ordered these 2 vehicles from you few weeks ago. Im seriously telling you that was super experience i have with you IT Plus Japan. I told them to do the inner cargo to reduce my shipping charges. without hazel they have arrange it once i informed them. Mr. Gayan Chamara did a great job here. Finally My Black #MercedesC180 comes in side the FusoFighter. Thank you ITplusJapan

I have received my HINO RAINBOW 1993 from IT Plus Japan

Mr. Michael Carrington from Barbados

Mr. Michael Carrington

I have received my HINO RAINBOW 1993, The car was in a very good condition and i really enjoy driving it. This was my first car from IT Plus Japan I trust them.

Hino Melpha from IT Plus Japan

Mr. Paul woodall from Barbados

Mr. Paul woodall

I received the my bus in an Very good condition as description an as in the picture. I like the car . Seller communication was very Good and friendly. Mr Avishka help me a lot. Highly recommend it to friends and others. Good Job Guys.

My Mercedes Benz C Class arrived to Home

Mr Matinz from Tanzania

Mr Matinz

The process is very easy and secure,the IT Plus Japan team always keep in touch with you and are ready to answer any questions that comes on their way.
Thanks to Mr Gayan Chamara who was in touch with me till my car arrived on Tanzania DES. IT Plus Japan is the best.

HINO RAINBOW 1998 Arrived safely

Mr. Hallam Gitten from Barbados

Mr. Hallam Gitten

Sir, I'm very Pleased to find my car Hino Rainbow 1998 in EXCELLENT CONDITION, also I want add that your service of delivery DIRECT to Barbados is PERFECT, since everything went accordingly as planned. My Regards to IT Plus Japan Corporation, Absolutely your are the #1 Used car exporter
Special Thanks goes to Gayan Chamara who help me all the time.

Thank you IT Plus for My CH-R Brand New 2019

 from Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka
Thank you IT Plus Japan and staff for the beautiful car given me from your stocks and for your excellent service rendered. I'll definitely not hesitate introduce my friends to your company do other businesses with you in the near future. Special Thanks goes to Mr Gayan Chamara.

Got my Hino Rainbow yesterday

Mr Watson from Barbados

Mr Watson

The website is very easy to search, quality vehicles to select, customer service top outstanding, transaction process very easy, what can I say, valuable Buses, trustworthy, vary reliable, recommended three of my friends and they have brought a bus that has arrived, I will keep spreading the word, top quality cars for the lowest prices ever from IT Plus Japan Corporation.
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