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Inada Inc., Mitoyo, Japan


Inada Inc.

3915-3 Kasadakasaoka Toyonaka-Cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa, Japan, 769-1502
Year Established
English, 日本語, 華語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer, Exporter
Contact Person
Satoru Inada [President]
Contact Person

Company Profile

Satoru Inada
Mr. Satoru Inada
We have made steady efforts to suggest a comfortable life. This policy is not changing. If there is any change in our corporate activities, it is adaptation to the social environment. Even in the ever-vhanging social environment, we can adapt to the environment and lead the society with our outstanding technologic skill and strategy.

"What are we to do?" Wehave asked ourselves this question since the day of establishment in 1918 and we have come to the conclusion that we we are here to create our own values.

This is not only about our products. Familiarity of the company, culture, brand image, prosperity of our customers and cliants, welfare of our employees and there families, contribution to society... These are also important elements. We believe that our own values would be made from the combination of these factors. We would like to expand our activities from "what INADA can do" to "what only INADA can do."

Recently, the Japanese's and Japan's forgetting thing has stood out as various social phenomenon. Probably, it is our responsibility. We demanded material satisfaction too much. We have always requested a superior thing-making with great application.

But now, it is the age to be asked enterprise posture's aiming.

I have pursued quality and price for 20 years as a president. Furthermore, I use full the technique of adding the speed. It is a challenge to eternal theme of thing-making.

Exactly now, the time has come all employee of INADA must think what is true enterprise.

For that, we always must consider what is true customer satisfaction.

As starting point to grow employee with rich mind who is able to contribute to the world,I am creating company which is never mimicked by the big enterprise.

Inada Inc. Deals In

Engines Parts  |  Body Parts  |  Car Parts  |  Electric Parts  |  Truck Parts  |  Bus Parts  |  Mechanical Parts  |  Accessories  |  Half Cut  |  Nose Cut
Used Excavator  |  Used Cranes  |  Used Wheel Loader  |  Used Bulldozer  |  Used Crawler  |  Used Mini Excavator  |  Used Compactor  |  Used Crawler Cranes  |  Used Aerial Platform  |  Used Concrete Pump  |  Used Asphalt Paver  |  Used Concrete Mixers
Battery Forklifts  |  Electric Forklifts  |  CNG Forklifts

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