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Used Vehicles Import Regulations in Zimbabwe

Import Regulations and Procedure to Import Used Cars in Zimbabwe

Used Vehicles Import Regulation in Zimbabwe

Time Difference
Japan: , Zimbabwe:
Destination Port
Durban (South Africa)
Shipping Line
Hoegh(Fourway Maritimes)
Vessel Schedule
Monthly (RoRo)
Time of Ship
24-36 Days (RoRo)
Year Restrictions
No Age Limit
No Inspection Required
Agreement of Sale, Police Clearance - SARPCCO Certificate, Export bill of entry...Read More
Zimbabwe also has a huge market for used cars in the local market. There are many cars import in Zimbabwe in which some of them are top-rated and most demanded in Zimbabwe. Honda Fit is an amazing subcompact car offered by the Japanese manufacturer Honda. Interior of the car has great finishes and exterior stands out in the crowd.

This is why it is the number one car in Zimbabwe. Mercedes Benz C-Class is including in 2nd top-rated cars in Zimbabwe. The Toyota Belta is on the 3rd-highest selling cars in Zimbabwe due to its amazing reliable characteristics and other useful features along with the powerful engine.

Hundreds of Japan used cars imported in Zimbabwe in the last five years.
2014: 7,963
2015: 6,754
2016: 2,461
2017: 220
2018: 5,818

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