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Used Vehicles Import Regulations in UAE

Import Regulations and Procedure to Import Used Cars in UAE

Used Vehicles Import Regulation in UAE

Time Difference
Japan: , UAE:
Destination Port
Jebel Ali, Port Rashid, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
Shipping Line
Vessel Schedule
Monthly (RoRo)
Time of Ship
38-48 Days (RoRo/Container)
Year Restrictions
Max. 4 Years Old
No Inspection Required
United Arab Emirates dirham
Bill of Lading, Export Certificate, Pro forma Invoice, Passport, Certificate of...Read More
The Toyota Noah is one of the famous used vehicles in UAE that can easily available at a reasonable price in UAE. Mercedes Benz E-class is a top-rated used car in UAE with availability in the wide range at affordable prices. Passo is a subcompact vehicle with rather small dimensions best for city traffic like UAE.

This is the reason that Toyota Passo is a popular car in many states of UAE. Toyota Passo is one of the top-rated used cars in UAE that available in the used car market at an affordable price that most of the people can afford. The Toyota Corolla Fielder is also very famous as a used car not only in UAE.

Thousands of Japan used cars imported in UAE in the last five years.
2014: 112,636
2015: 136,180
2016: 151,001
2017: 144,323
2018: 126,706

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