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Used Vehicles Import Regulations in Russia

Import Regulations and Procedure to Import Used Cars in Russia

Used Vehicles Import Regulation in Russia

Time Difference
Japan: , Russia:
Destination Port
Vladivostok,St. Petersburg
Shipping Line
Baltic Transport System, Russia, Fesco Lines
Vessel Schedule
Weekly (RoRo)
Time of Ship
4-6 Days (RoRo)
Year Restrictions
No Inspection Required
Russian Ruble
Commercial Invoice, Customs value declaration, Bill Of Lading, Freight...Read More
Russia is one of those countries that have a huge market for Japan used cars. There many virtual and physical places in Russia from where you can find a huge number of Japan used cars to choose from. In Russia you will find different brands car, however, the top-rated used car are from Japanese brands such as Honda and Toyota.

The 5-door compact car Honda Fit is a very famous car in Russia. Toyota Noah is a 7 and 8-seater multi-purpose van which is quite famous in Russia as a used car. Toyota Harrier is another mid-size crossover SUV by Toyota, extremely famous in Russia as a used car.

Thousands of Japan used cars import in Russia in the last five years.
2014: 128,312
2015: 49,142
2016: 48,244
2017: 69,039
2018: 95,074

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