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Used Vehicles Import Regulations in Chile

Import Regulations and Procedure to Import Used Cars in Chile

Used Vehicles Import Regulation in Chile

Time Difference
Japan: , Chile:
Destination Port
Shipping Line
Vessel Schedule
Monthly (RoRo)
Time of Ship
24-36 Days (RoRo)
Year Restrictions
Max. 5 Years Old
No Inspection Required
Chilean peso
Bill of Lading, Pro forma invoice, Export Certificate, Valid Vehicle Title and...Read More
Chile has a huge Japan used car sale market where a used vehicle from all over the world arrive from different countries such as Japan, and other countries to be sold in a lot cheaper rates as compared to other countries. People from different areas would love to buy used vehicles in Chile. Chile is known for selling better quality Japan used vehicles of all kind in a lot cheaper price range as compared to other countries.

Japan used cars market in Chile is increase day by day as the demand and of consumers grows with it. Chile's Japan used car market sold all kinds of cars from family cars to minivans, even big wagons and public transportation vehicles are sold in those markets in Chile. The famously used cars in Chile includes are Suzuki Swift, Subaru Forester, Toyota Altezza, Toyota Premio, Nissan March, Subaru legacy touring wagon and some other cars from Mazda and Nissan.

Thousands of Japan used cars imported in Chile in the last five years.
2014: 73,364
2015: 64,654
2016: 74,069
2017: 91,462
2018: 92,559

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