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Used Vehicles Import Regulations in Botswana

Import Regulations and Procedure to Import Used Cars in Botswana

Used Vehicles Import Regulation in Botswana

Time Difference
Japan: , Botswana:
Destination Port
Durban (South Africa)
Shipping Line
Mediterranean Shipping Company
Vessel Schedule
Monthly (RoRo)
Time of Ship
24-26 Days (RoRo)
Year Restrictions
No Age Limit
No Inspection Required
Botswana pula
Identification Card, Passport, Purchase Invoice, Invoice and SARPCCO Clearance...Read More
Botswana import used vehicles from Japan. A large number of Japanese imported second-hand vehicles can be seen on the roads of Botswana. Importation of Japan used vehicles in Botswana is quite simple due to lower duties. Easy importation of Japan used vehicles in Botswana has increased the population of vehicles on the road.

Motor vehicles per thousand people in Botswana have increased in comparison to previous data. In the past few years, demand for Japanese used vehicles in Botswana has risen immensely especially for personal cars. Automobile manufacturers ruling the market of Botswana are Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, and Kia.

Hundreds of Japan used cars imported in Botswana in the last five years.
2014: 10,336
2015: 12,017
2016: 10,016
2017: 976
2018: 10,779

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