Hengtong International Development Co. Ltd.

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Hengtong International Development Co. Ltd., Kashiwa, Japan


Hengtong International Development Co. Ltd.

1837 Fujigaya, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan, 277-0931
English, 日本語
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Dealer, Exporter
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Hengtong International Development Co. Ltd. is a professional car trade company. We have been the foreign trade for ten years. We have World Wide Business and many partners! We are the mumber of 103 auction hall in Japan. Everyday we look around our customers' favorite cars - satisfied about 180000 cars every week! We will have good Business for Long-term with you! Now we export more than 200 used cars every month.

Our staff speaks Chinese, English and Japanese!!!

Based upon our remarkable success in the toughest domestic car market in the world, Japan, Hengtong International Development Co. Ltd. has expanded to adopt a global view. We have translated the knowledge and experience gained from our specialty import dealerships to our worldwide export business. We stand alone in our ability to respond to the demands of new markets with unrivaled expertise and professionalism. Through the implementation of our three 'S' System we offer to every one of our customers our:

* Spirit of dedication
* Speed of processing and delivery of the order
* Enrichment of Service that extends well beyond the delivery of the order

We enjoy the high regard and trust of all our customers, from the biggest of companies to the individual buyer. We feel that finding the right vehicles for the customer is much more important than just selling cars. As a result Hengtong International Development Co. Ltd. has achieved the highest ranking out of 4000 competing Japanese companies, in vehicles bought and sold in the 2002 fiscal year. In recent times we have forged valuable connections with many companies from overseas, to whom we are exporting vehicles and parts frequently. We will continue to develop these overseas partnerships, to reach our goal of becoming the No. 1 used vehicle and parts exporter in reputation and reality.

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