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Gulliver International Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Gulliver International Co. Ltd.

25F Tokyo Building, 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 100-6425
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Hatori Yusuke [Managing Director]
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Founded in 1994, the business has expanded with the nationwide expansion of the used car store "Gulliver Japan". Listed in 1998. Created multiple new types of business such as foreign car "LIBERALA" large store "WOW! TOWN" shopping mall "HUNT" regional type "outlet". Runs a BMW authorized new car dealer. In 2015, it acquired a major new car dealer group in Australia and started a full-scale overseas business. We are developing new services that integrate IT and business, and are developing NOREL (monthly flat-rate service with free transfer) and Gulliver Flima (C to C platform for used cars). In July 2016, the company name was changed from Gulliver International Co., Ltd. with the idea of ​​"challenge" to transform the automobile distribution industry.

Gulliver operates in the Japanese used car distribution business. Gulliver Japan has grown based on an original business model of selling cars purchased by our approximately 420 directly managed and franchised stores across Japan at auction rather than using showrooms, within seven to ten days of their purchase. Formerly, used car businesses maintained showrooms and incurred the associated inventory risk and display costs. Through selling cars quickly at auction, Gulliver Japan has been able to reduce its inventory risk and eliminate display costs. By shortening the time from purchase to sale, we have created a profitable, low-cost operation where lower gross margins are offset by the large numbers of cars handled. Currently, we are developing our operations as a used-car specialist, in our purchasing operation, and including our auction and sales businesses and subsidiaries.

Gulliver's cars from Japan have been checked for repair history: Gulliver believes that you can choose a car from Japan with peace of mind because you can tell us both good and bad things. Through a thorough inspection, we will tell you in detail whether there is a repair history and damage to the interior and exterior.

Gulliver's Japanese used car guarantees long-lasting peace of mind: A fulfilling guarantee for used cars. You can choose a warranty service of up to 10 years for important mechanical parts. You will not have to worry about expensive repair costs. A warranty of 6 months or more is a paid option. There are conditions for cars that can come with a long-term warranty. The warranty period for imported cars is up to 5 years.

Returns are possible within 100 days after delivery: Great peace of mind that you can say that you can choose the wrong car. It will be purchased at the vehicle body price.
* Within 100 days after delivery for domestic cars from Japan, within 30 days after delivery for imported Japanese cars
* There are conditions for vehicles that can be returned.

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