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GTE Japan Co. Ltd., Matsuyama, Japan

GTE Japan Co. Ltd.

1470-1, Kishimachi, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan, 791-1102
English, 日本語, සිංහල
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Wijenayaka Aruna [Managing Director]
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GTE exports Japanese car, Japanese vehicles directly from Japan auctions. Buy from Japanese car auctions and save money on Japanese car imports. Wide variety of Japanese used cars, vans and trucks are available from Japanese auctions. Our FOB charge start from 70,000 yen and no extra charges. Most competitive FOB charges available in Japan for auction agent service. GTE does not add 5% consumption tax on successful bidding prices. Just, Successful bidding price + FOB charge. Every vehicle comes with GTE after sale parts service.

Every week, there are over 100,000 Japanese vehicles auctioned in many Japan car auctions. GTE is a member of almost any Japanese used car auction in Japan and facilitate Japan car imports direct from Japan auctions. This system make Japanese vehicle exporting economical as our cost of stocking and time risk of selling are slashed. Also you will have a wide variety of pool of vehicles to find your exact dream car, van or truck at GTE. Most competitive FOB charges available in Japan for auction agent service. GTE does not add 5% consumption tax on successful bidding prices. No extra transport charges or recycle ticket fee charges.

Japan car auction service:
GTE is a member of almost any car auctions in Japan. Therefore, you can now buy your dream car from Japan auctions through GTE. Check the Japanese vehicles to be auctioned in coming days with ID and link given below. Select your car and inform us the auction exhibit number by registering. Then we will send the English translation of the Japanese language detail sheet of the vehicle and couple of photos. In addition, average market prices will also be sent. Looking at these details you can decide the price you would like to bid and let us know. Next day we will bid for the vehicle and let you know the result. If it is too expensive we will look for similar vehicles and send you details.

GTE specially supplies parts to all our customers on request. We also provide parts to other customers on request. We need the model and the chassis number of the vehicle with the correct name of the part. Shipment is effected by EMS or SAL only after the full payment is received. please contact us for more details.

This service is only for retail buyers. Further, we provide parts for made in Japan vehicles only. Please fill in this form send to request parts. Please be advised that we do not reply emails without proper contact details. Once we have received these details, we will contact you with price of part and cost of shipping.

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