Ghassan Aboud Cars

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Ghassan Aboud Cars, Dubai, UAE

Ghassan Aboud Cars

Al Awer, Ras Al Khore, Car market, Showroom No. 41, Dubai, Aweer, UAE, 294377
Year Established
English, عربى
Business Type
Dealer, Importers
Contact Person
Wilman Silvestre

Company Profile

Ghassan Aboud for cars, spare parts and accessories, was established benefitting from the laws facilitating commerce and re-exporting and a pioneer in Dubai in this field. Perhaps, we have the right to be proud that we were the first entities to be established by virtue of these laws in our field of activities since its issuance and promulgation in the mid seventies from the last century, and we were also pioneers when it comes to taking the initiative and establishment, we are pioneers in offering this service and being unique in performing and developing it.

Since our launch, we considered that our dream of success shall not be achieved unless with the application of international standards of quality in all aspects of service, we benefitted from the inputs of the technological age in supply and demand, delivery, creation of a database and placing it at the service of the incorporation and the customer, where we are unique for the extensive knowledge we possess regarding all the privileges and the specifications of our commodities with all whom we deal with around the world.

We also have distinguished contracts with most of the major car agencies in the globe, which makes us capable of providing the best specifications with higher compatibility with the geographical factor and country laws required by the customer for exporting and delivery. We also have contracts with the most important international shipping agencies capable of delivering commodities to the customer with the highest degree of safety, guarantee and quality.

Today, Ghassan Aboud for trading in cars, spare parts and accessories is proud on the span of a decade and a half that it more than 75% of its business volume in the business of e-commerce through the internet and banks, this indicates the high confidence given by customers for being a pioneer not only on the regional level but its commercial relationships went far beyond 100 countries and the number of its branches exceeded 7 branches around the world.

Our future includes expanding to reach the closest point to the customer. Today, we are establishing branches in Africa, East Asia and Europe.

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