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Genten International, Kawagoe, Japan


Genten International

17-12, Fujimi, Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan, 350-0033
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English, 日本語
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Dealer, Exporters
Contact Person
Shinyoshi Yano [Representative Director]

Company Profile

Genten International is an Exporter of Used Vehicles From Japan.
Management philosophy GENTEN is a procurement company in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, to contribute to customers and local people with "knowledge and wisdom" obtained by sales at new car dealers and "honest" "passion" "young staff" We aim to do it.
Until now, we have not relying on the Internet and magazines, but we have been doing it with customers' love and ties, but in order to contribute to many more people from now on, we established the Internet business in January 2009.

Even in the sense that we can offer second-hand cars that you can ride with confidence, time and communication that face the customer seriously will be indispensable.
Among them, how can I purchase certain cars cheaply without using the wasteful money! Will you offer "relief" "convincing" "satisfaction"? This is what I want to emphasise most according to the word of origin.

We would like to help you find one that can be convinced from the bottom of the heart, carefully selecting with customers among a number of information! I'd like to meet you, who are looking for a cheap and nice used car.

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