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Fujiyama Trading Ltd, Yokohama, Japan


Customer voice for Fujiyama Trading Ltd, Yokohama, Japan

Very good partner to work with and guide us many car purchasing tips

Sam & Jerremy from United Kingdom

Sam & Jerremy

 United Kingdom
Start to import cars from Japan nearly 3 years ago and Fujiyama Trading Co., guided us various issue for start.. Good presentation & explanation for understand the market.!!

Very friendly and polite Japanese business manner

Hewa from Sri Lanka


 Sri Lanka
I have following experience with working Fujiyama Trading Co. and their office staff

Works very well with me as well as all staff members
Has a very warm rapport with me they comes in contact with
Follows up with me to ensure no one feels forgotten or lost in the process
Clearly enjoys the “people” aspect of their position
Consistently answers the phone with a smile and a friendly konnichiwa etc.
Readily admits when they doesn’t know the answer to a particular query
Outlines the steps that they will take to resolve a problem

Very professional and warm heart

Rohinta from Sri Lanka


 Sri Lanka
I have known Fujiyama Trading Ltd . from year 2013 March.

At all times I have found him to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, peace-loving, courteous, to be as helpful as possible think about what the customer will most prefer, I have coordinate to import more than 200 units until now with yoshi san. I felt like I am a member of Fujiyama Trading co

Wonderful Service & Healthy Customer Relations

Puspha & Denny from Sri Lanka

Puspha & Denny

 Sri Lanka
Thank you Japan Car Access & Fujiyama Trading for all support and business to us. We have been sourcing many Japanese brand new cars from them..

Nice & Well Inspected Vehicle

Paul from New Zealand


 New Zealand
Truly satisfied with the vehicle condition and strong support from Japan Car Access/Fujiyama Trading.. We have been buying from them every year.. Good times , Bad times they never change the attitude.. always keep good satisfaction.

Excellent Support & Service!!

 from Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka
Thank you Japan Car Access for excellent vehicle and timely delivery.
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