Eisan Co. Ltd.

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Eisan Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Customer voice for Eisan Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

I want to point out that you are awesome and trustworthy.

Mr. Eric Mukandila from DR Congo

Mr. Eric Mukandila

 DR Congo
My car arrived in perfect condition from the inside as Well as outside. I advise all those who want to buy a car,
As i saw my car on the net, as i received it, as you can see in this picture. Well done!

Happy Client

Mr. Beth wairimu njogu from Kenya

Mr. Beth wairimu njogu

Thanks a lot

Very good condition, Works Perfectly

Mr. Denis D. R. Joseph from Saint Lucia

Mr. Denis D. R. Joseph

 Saint Lucia
I have received my item. I am impressed with it works perfectly fine and it is in good condition.
My only problem is that I was very disappointed in the timing. It took way a bit long to arrive

I am satisfied with vehicle and the service from the seller of the vehicle.

Mr. Andrew Burrows from Bahamas

Mr. Andrew Burrows

Here is a picture of the car after it was cleared and licensed in the Bahamas. I am satisfied with vehicle and the service from the seller of the vehicle.
The vehicle is in good condition and would recommend both the vehicle and the car company to anyone.

Happy client

Mr. Judy Chishala Mukewe from Zambia

Mr. Judy Chishala Mukewe

Will surely recommend or do business with you in future.

New car from Eisan Auto Japan.



See picture I uploaded, my wife Gertrude enjoying her new car from EISAN Auto Japan.

Hello Team

Mr. Henry Mchome from Tanzania

Mr. Henry Mchome

I want to take this opportunity to thank "Eisan Co Ltd team" for the service rendered to acquire my car Toyota Harrier 2007 . Eisan Co Ltd you are the best I can't thank you more the way we communicated up until I acquired the car was exceptional. To be honesty, the team from Eisan Co Ltd Japan are very professional especially their documents and shipping departments. thank you Eisan Co Ltd Japan.

Run Great

Mr. BWITO Patrick from Rwanda

Mr. BWITO Patrick

Let me take this opportunity and thank you for the item received which is in good condition and seems to run great.
Cheers see you on the next purchase

Best Eisan Auto

Mr. NKURUNZIZA Jasmin from Burundi


Best Eisan Auto

I received the car on time.

Nicodemas Christopher Lema from Tanzania

Nicodemas Christopher Lema

I received the car on time, the communication was really very good and the car condition is better than seen on the picture. Thank you EISAN AUTO continue doing the good job.
I would love to do business with you again in the future. Thank you.
I wanted to do the rating but I could not find the link.
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