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Axel Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan


Axel Co. Ltd.

12-8-902 Sakuragaoka Cho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0031
Year Established
English, 日本語
Business Type
Auction Agent, Dealer
Contact Person
Kenjiro Tsuchioka [President]
Contact Person

Company Profile

Axel Co. Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a used car exporter in Japan. To date, we have supplied more than 10,000 quality vehicles to our clients.

A key market for us has been New Zealand, where intense competition and strict conditions apply. Here we have been able to satisfy our clients only by maintaining a consistently high standard of service.

Besides NZ, we have succeeded in building up good long term relationships with clients around the world, and we enjoy doing business with them. Likewise, we continue to cultivate our partnerships with those top Japanese dealers who supply our vehicles.

We encourage you to consider membership with us. This will open an informative real-time window on Japan's used car marketplace, and let you observe Axel Co. Ltd.'s policies in action. We are confident that you will then want to try some business with us.

As you know, Japanese automobiles are excellent and very popular all over the world. But there are many other high technology products we make. We like to introduce "Automatic Car Washing Machine" here. These machines are usually used in gas stations in Japan. But they are also used at self-type coin car washing spaces. These machines are called "Gate Type Automatic Car Washing Machine" because it looks like gate. They are distinguished from Spray Type.

Gate Type Machines for Self Car Washing Use have very complicated structure. Because the machines are supposed to be operated by ordinary people who are not familiar with machineslil like gas station staff. Danger to people is issue, but main issue is the damage to vehicles.

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