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Auto Station, Auckland, New Zealand


Auto Station

161, Target Road, Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand
Office Timings
8.30am - 5.00pm
Year Established
Business Type
Dealer, Importers
Contact Person
Ken H Jung

Company Profile

Autostation was founded in 2001 by Ken H Jung with the aim to provide the highest quality low kilometer cars as possible and a friendly open customer service that customers can trust and feel confident when purchasing a car.

Ken was born and raised in Korean and moved with his family to New Zealand in 1996 to start his new life as a Korean Kiwi.

In Korea Ken was in electronics and spent many years doing business in Japan fluently speaking and reading Japanese. Ken’s ability to fluently speak and read Japanese is key to the success of being able to constantly provide Autostation high quality cars.

Ken has built up the company to now have over 250 quality cars all 100 percent owned by Autostation.

Ken also owns the yard and onsite workshops at 161 Target road, Glenfield on the North Shore and employs 7 friendly and highly experienced staff.


Low Kilometer!

It’s common knowledge in Japanese society that purchasing cars over 70,000kms is a risk. Due to the massive population in Japan cars will sit in congested traffic in an idle stop. Modern engines can handle this up to around 70,000kms however history has shown that beyond this point cars start to develop engine problems caused by this type of driving. Therefore we stock low kilometer cars only. All Autostation cars undergo an Odometer Check to verify the distant traveled is correct by AA.

Auction Grade 4 & above!

In Japan all cars selling at auction must state in clear writing on an Auction Check Sheet all defects, problems and damage right down to the smallest scratches, dents etc. Each car is given an Auction Grade.. Auction Grade 5 & above is equal to a brand-new car and the condition quality lessens by point 5 down to 1. We only purchase Auction Grade 4 cars and above and we are the only dealerships that offers an Open Book Policy on Auction Check Sheets.

Onsite Workshop!

In the unlikely event that you have a mechanical concern we are set up with our onsite Mechanical Workshop and ready to offer instant assistance. Simply bring your car in and we will get right to it. No bookings necessary. We do all mechanical things inc. WOF, service, tyres, A/C, painting, panel-beating, computer diagnostic scanning, rotor skimming etc. We have 2 WOF inspectors and a separate panel and paint shop on site. All our paint reconditioning is done with the highest quality long lasting German paint Standox that won’t fade and has the same finish as a factory new paint. (Workshop opens 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.)

MTA Warranty!

As an MTA member we uphold MTA’s high standards and Autostation customers have 3 times the Piece of Mind as our cars come with a 3 month or 5,000kms MTA mechanical warranty(whichever comes first). We also offer an extended high end quality Mechanical Break Down insurance with road side assistance.

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