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Thank you very much for a smooth transaction

MR. Nchimunya Sinachikupo from Zambia

MR. Nchimunya Sinachikupo

Thank you very much Mr. Yamada for a smooth transaction that we have done. I look forward to do more business with you in the near future."

Promised to do more business in the future

Mr. Bernard Hobich Otim from Uganda

Mr. Bernard Hobich Otim

I have a plan to establish myself in tourism. I like the good quality of Japanese make; such as Isuzu and Mitsubishi buses. Auto Galaxy promised to me to provide more buses in the future. We hope and believe Seed Logistics International Ltd. will grow with the developing human resources and infrastructure.

Very clean car

Ms. Hiraishi from Solomon Islands

Ms. Hiraishi

 Solomon Islands
We have attached some photos of the Nissan Sylphy you sent us. We are impressed that it is a very clean car. The large rain shade, it's cool!

Struggling with imported used Japanese cars!!

Mr. Zar Ni from Myanmar

Mr. Zar Ni

I started used car business in the town of M near the Thai border.
I received first container with four vehicles in last August. It took a great time to unload the vehicles out of the container at border because the worker did it never done before.
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