Astel Co., Ltd.

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Astel Co., Ltd., Kitakyushu, Japan


Astel Co., Ltd.

1 - chome 11-24 Showa Building 2F, Tohata-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan, 804-008
English, 日本語
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Auction Agent, Dealer, Exporters

Company Profile

Astel is an Exporter of Used Vehicles From Japan.
Secondhand car auctions are different from private auctions such as Yahoo! Auctions which are generally known, which are "secondary markets for professional traders". Only vendors who qualify for participation in the auction site can participate in exhibition and bidding, and more than 120,000 units are traded every week.
The winning bidder is mainly used car dealer, used car dealer's dealer, exporter, auction agency etc. In other words, since you can buy a car directly from the supplier of many secondhand car dealerships, it is the best merit that you can buy it cheaply.

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