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Auto Select Blossom, Kobe, Japan

Auto Select Blossom

4-4-15 Uozakikitamachi Higashinada Ward Apartment 203, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, 6580082
Business Type
Dealer, Exporters
Contact Person
Koichi Sado

Company Profile

Here at Auto Select Blossom, we endeavor to provide the best of services to our customers.

Japanese cars are known worldwide for their high quality.
We take this a step further by providing carefully chosen cars for our customers.
Whether it be an ordinary everyday car or a rare model or grade, we take our customers' desires and make them reality.

As this company has roots in bodywork repair and maintenance, quality control is one of our highest priorities.
Not only do we assure quality products, but we also offer customized cars to fit each customer's needs.

Our services range from buying to maintenance, repair, and selling.
This saves our customers valuable time and funds, while also ensuring safe and secure services.
Finally, we undertake to acquire and sell each car at a reasonable price based on up to date market trends.
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