Apple Cars

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Apple Cars, Auckland, New Zealand

Apple Cars

217 Highway 17, Albany Village, Auckland, New Zealand
Business Type
Dealer, Importers
Contact Person
Dave Murphy [Director]

Company Profile

Apple Cars has opened its doors and services to the public in late Sept. 2008. The mission statement of the car outlet, Apple Cars, is to provide a quality franchise standard selection of used vehicles that are all of the highest level of reconditioning and integrity. Each vehicle is to be fully serviced, mechanically inspected, and reconditioned to a high franchise standard and than sold at far less than franchise pricing.

This is achieved by keeping our staffing and general over heads down to a bare minimum without compromising on standards and services provided to our customers. The savings made by operating at a low cost are then passed on to our customers by lowering the prices at which we can sell our vehicles for. The market place Apple Cars is targeting are those customers who want to save money by not buying at a franchise, but don't want to take the unnecessary risks of buying raw unreconditioned vehicles that may not be fully mechanically serviced, inspected, or may have unknown accident history when buying unwarily from "Direct" wholesalers, importers, and private sellers who want to sell you the car as it is today and than never see you again... especially if you do have a problem or have to incur hidden expenses.

Unfortunately in the past, franchise sold used vehicles have sold for quite a bit dearer a price than open market cars making them unaffordable for some or have a lack of perceived value for others who like to shop for the best price. What ever the reason some buyers don't see the value for the premium paid or by virtue of their budget for a car are feeling forced to take the risks of buying unrefurbished or poorly reconditioned vehicles from lesser known traders in order to save money.

My goal is to provide to all of my customers a top level franchise standard with back up services at a more economical price by passing my overhead reductions and savings to you the customer. My ambition as always is not only to sell you one car but also your next. This can only be achieved by keeping every customer satisfied with every purchase and addressing any and all concerns and by being there today and tomorrow.

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