Alga Auto Service Co., Ltd.

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Alga Auto Service Co., Ltd., Matsumoto, Japan

Alga Auto Service Co., Ltd.

2-1-18, Tomoyagi, Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan, 390-0827
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English, 日本語
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Dealer, Exporters
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Aruga [Representative]

Company Profile

Why do we stick to "safety and security"?
That is because at least the car maintenance is involved as a factor in a traffic accident.
Is there damage to the wheel bolt?
Is the tire crack and air pressure normal?
Is there a crack in the belt?
It is also important to have advanced expertise and sophisticated expertise as well as the normal inspection called.
However, that is the norm, and I believe that "the importance of doing what it normally takes for granted" and "there is safety and security" there, so we can get customers to ride with confidence for the first time.
We treat automobile repair and medical diagnosis as equivalent, think that it is a good (product) that is most difficult for customers to evaluate, and think that this is "trustworthy". Because automobile repair services are invisible and highly specialized, I think that it is difficult for customers to properly evaluate their services.
If you receive "Reliable Goods" service, will you be worried about whether you can receive proper service?
Would you like to explore the quality of service from actual results and facilities or from the staff's response and personality etc.
When you get sick, will not you consult what doctor is better?
This is the same in car maintenance.
A good vehicle inspection and teaching accurately and honestly the current condition of the car at hand, there is a proposal of the service that the customer wants, and it is convinced of the charge. I am convinced that, with advanced expertise and advanced expertise, feeling sense of responsibility and mission, conducting sincere dialogue, it will be possible for customers to ride "safety and security" for the first time.

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