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ALBE Logistik Und Trade GmbH, Tornesch, Germany

ALBE Logistik Und Trade GmbH

Lindenweg 104 , Tornesch, Germany, 25436
English, Deutsch
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Dealer, Importers
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he ALBE Logistik Company has a wide range of capabilities in searching and delivering of auto parts throughout Europe. We are located in Germany and that is why our priority is to find and deliver German auto parts for German vehicles and trucks.

Our working partners operate in large auto industrial cities such as Bremen, Hannover, Wolfsburg, Kasel, Nurnberg, Stuttgart and Munich. The ALBE Logistik Company is a delivery company and our main office located quite near with the biggest port of Germany - Hamburg City. This is a great advantage to import auto parts from USA and Asia.

Have you ever faced with the problem such as lack of used auto parts in local market? If not, you are lucky, but for many car holders this is a really big problem especially for their old cars. After unsuccessful searches, there is no other way, how to purchase new one. The price balance between new and used auto part can vary dramatically. That is the first reason to start uses The ALBE Logistik Company services. The second reason it to stop thinking about your problem.

We will do everything to deliver your auto part just in time and at lower price.

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