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Our History (JCT) is the most trusted & free Japan used vehicle export platform that connects overseas buyers to Japan used vehicle exporters. We have a vast history in facilitating export business with our parent company Exim Group being established in 1989. We started publishing product wise and country wise specific Importers directories to send overseas.

Overwhelming response motivated us to use better technology available to reach out to customers worldwide. The organisation grew and was registered as a Private Limited Company in 1996.

Exim Infotek (India) Pvt. Ltd. since then enjoyed the trust and Goodwill of thousands of Importers and exporters of all products and countries as the Import-Export Information Hub.

In 1997- Our first website ( One of the few websites with Ecommerce; Payments and delivery online. More than 100 websites to sell import-export information worldwide with were launched within 3 years.

In 2005 (JCT) was launched, when the technology was not so advanced and very few communication channels were available for the overseas buyers to connect with Japan used cars & vehicles sellers.

Our History

There was a huge demand for high quality Japanese used cars, vehicles, trucks, buses, machinery worldwide and on the other hand there was surplus inventory with the exporters and in Japan Auto Auctions.

But there were very few platforms or channels through which the exporters can advertise and export their vehicles to buyers. Owing to this scarcity of platforms, the ones which were available were either very costly or charged a high percentage in profits on cars sold through them.

JCT bridged the gap between the overseas buyers and Japan used cars exporters by providing a trusted and free platform where dealers can upload their vehicles and can sell them to buyers worldwide.

Our Mission


Our Mission

JCT paced with advancement of technology and medium of communication. We added more features for the buyers and sellers to communicate faster like on Whatsapp to save their time and instant deals which no other platform provides.

With the growth in technology worldwide essential factors like trust and reliability started to compromise. We got many complaints from the buyers against NON-JCT dealers as we always ask to verify the dealers. resolved the key problem of the buyers and same update with the solution like:

  • We make sure buyers get payment refund if vehicle is not delivered.

  • Buyers get exactly same vehicle which they have ordered.

  • Buyer and Sellers communication made faster.

  • Quality and good standard vehicles delivered to the buyers.

This brought us in association with government recognised associations of Japan like JUMVEA, SLAAJ, SLBCJ.

With a common mission to keep the Japan used cars export and trade fair and safe, JCT is always ahead to provide our complete support and services to these associations and actively participates in getting rid of fraud and scammers.

JCT mission is to educate the buyers for a safe trade and avoid frauds and scams while buying used cars from Japan.


No Commission | No Transaction Fee | No Hidden Cost
All deals directly between buyers & exporters.

Our Motto

Buyers can save their hard-earned money from 10% ~ 50% of the car cost. Prices on JCT are competitive due to hundreds of dealers having healthy competition on JCT to sell their cars.

Sellers get 100% profit on cars sold from our platform as we do not charge any commission from sellers, due to which they display low prices compared to the other platforms on JCT.

Our Vission

JCT is striving to provide a completely safe, authentic and incredible platform for the Japan used cars export and import industry worldwide. With the deep insights of the Japan used car market and industry needs, we keep on improving our services to build a platform where even sellers who do not have international trading experience, online marketing and technologically advanced can also sell their cars.

And buyers who hesitate to buy online and get into the trap of brokers or fraud companies can buy used cars from Japan with the trust and confidence for which Japan is known for.

Our Vision

Why Buy From JCT

10 Reasons to Buy From

Huge Inventory

Access huge database of potential overseas importers/buyers across 100+ countries from all Target markets. You can call, skype, whatsapp, or send emails to them to get deals.

Wide Variety - All Sectors covered

Find your favorite car in all varieties with Japan At JCT we have a worldwide array of vendors to give you the product you are looking for along with unmatched benefits and features.

Trusted & Verified Dealers is a trusted brand in used car export industry since 16 years. We have many trusted and verified exporters from all over the world.

Low Cost Due to Competition

Unlike all other Used Car Portals like: Google, Bing, Facebook etc. JCT is the most cost effective source of online car shopping. We do not charge any commission on the vehicle you buy from our platform.

High Customer Satisfaction Rate

At JCT you will get complete satisfaction of your purchase. We have years of experience in giving our customers what they want. We assure you of complete satisfaction for your money.

Quality Cars at low cost

At JCT you will get quality cars at very low cost. JCT is striving for giving their customers high returns at very low investment due to competition among the dealers to sell their vehicles on

Associated with JUMVEA, SLAAJ, SLBCJ is associated with government recognized associations of Japan like JUMVEA, SAFETRADE, SLAAJ, SLBCJ for carrying out fair trade and prevent buyers from being trapped in frauds and scams prevailing in used cars export trading.

JUMVEA Safe Trade for 100% payment security

JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association) Safe Trade (JUST) is a secure payment service that protects both buyers and suppliers. By using JUMVEA Safe Trade you do not have to worry about losing your money. Safety of both parties is guaranteed by JUMVEA.

Connect with Sellers on WhatsApp

You can contact sellers directly on their WhatsApp number for your vehicle requirements. With updates in the communication media we have introduced unique WhatsApp feature for you. No other platform provides this services, we have made the decision making and communication faster between buyers and sellers.

No Commission, No Transaction Fee or No Hidden Cost, No Middlemen.

At JCT all transactions deals are direct between you and sellers, so that you get 100% profit. We do not charge any commission, transaction fee, extra charges, or any other hidden cost on purchases from our platform. You can send the payment directly to the seller's bank account, there is no intervention of JCT in transactions.

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