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5,444 Japan Used SUV are ready for export worldwide.

SUV By Japanese Makers
Daihatsu (81) Honda (134) Isuzu (83) Mazda (64) Mitsubishi (449)
Nissan (922) Subaru (199) Suzuki (208) Toyota (2565) 
SUV By Imported Makers
Audi (44) BMW (83) Chevrolet (13) Chrysler (21) Dodge (2)
Ford (81) Hummer (4) Hyundai (23) Jeep (45) KIA (26)
Lamborghini (1) Land Rover (172) Lexus (26) Lincoln (3) Mercedes (81)
Porsche (38) Renault (1) Ssangyong (4) Volkswagen (46) Volvo (21)
SUV Body Types
Jeep (92) 
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  Used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado RZJ120 SUV View All Images

[15th Jul, 2014]
299 View
85,000 Right Hand TrustCo
USD 15,500  
[1,550,000 JPY] 
  Used Toyota Harrier 3.0FOUR EXTRA G PACKAGE SUV View All Images

[24th Jul, 2014]
50 View
145,100 Right Hand BeForward
USD 1,150  
[114,600 JPY] 
  Used Toyota Rav4 ACA31W SUV View All Images

[22nd May, 2014]
188 View
118,921 Right Hand FareenaCorp
USD 11,420  
[1,142,000 JPY] 
  Used Honda Cross Road 20X SUV View All Images

[27th Jul, 2014]
34 View
52,000 Right Hand Autoworld
USD 8,600  
[860,000 JPY] 
  Used Mitsubishi Pajero IO SUV View All Images

[11th Jul, 2014]
104 View
87,699 Right Hand LucusJapan
USD 5,000  
[500,000 JPY] 
  Used Mitsubishi Outlander SUV View All Images

[29th May, 2014]
1136 View
155,376 Right Hand Nihonsha
USD 7,880  
[788,000 JPY] 
  Used Toyota Land Cruiser SUV View All Images

[26th Jul, 2014]
45 View
87,000 Right Hand FujiyamaTrading
USD 28,750  
[2,875,000 JPY] 
  Used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV View All Images

[25th Jul, 2014]
46 View
- - Right Hand KICoLtd
USD 21,900  
[2,190,000 JPY] 
  Used Toyota Cami GF-J100E SUV View All Images

[29th May, 2014]
149 View
84,256 Right Hand RoyalTradingCo
USD 1,860  
[186,000 JPY] 
  Used Mitsubishi Pajero IO ZR SUV View All Images

[15th Jul, 2014]
40 View
- - Right Hand KobeMotor
USD 3,070  
[307,000 JPY] 
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Japan Used SUV Cars

SUV Car - a rugged automotive vehicle similar to a station wagon but built on a light-truck chassis —called also sport-ute, sport-utility, SUV


Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) - a rugged vehicle with a truck like chassis and four-wheel drive, designed for occasional off-road use.


SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle - An SUV, or sport utility vehicle, is an automotive that is defined by its capabilities. It is rugged; it combines passenger-carrying with cargo-hauling capability in a two-box design with an enclosed cargo/passenger compartment, as opposed to an open cargo compartment like a pickup truck. Originally, SUVs were built on light truck platforms, with a body bolted onto a frame. Today, many SUVs are built on car platforms, with a unibody chassis and no separate frame. On this site, we use the term SUV to encompass both body-on-frame and unibody vehicles. We refine the definition by calling the unibody vehicles "crossover vehicles" or "CUVs," and the body-on-frame vehicles "body-on-frame SUVs."

Popular in the late-1990s and early–mid-2000s, SUVs sales temporarily declined due to high oil prices and a declining economy. The traditional truck-based SUV is gradually being supplanted by the crossover SUV, which uses an automobile platform for lighter weight and better fuel efficiency, as a response to much of the criticism of sport utility vehicles. But by 2010, SUV sales around the world recovered, in spite of high gas prices.

History - Early SUVs were descendants from commercial and military vehicles such as the World War II Jeep and Land Rover. SUVs have been popular for many years with rural buyers due to their off-road capabilities. The earliest examples of longer-wheelbase wagon-type SUVs were the Chevrolet Carryall Suburban (1935, RWD only), GAZ-61 (1938, 4×4), Willys Jeep Wagon (1948), Pobeda M-72 (GAZ-M20/1955), which Russian references credit as possibly being the first modern SUV (with unitary body rather than body-on-frame), International Harvester Travelall (1953), Land Rover Series II 109 (1958), and the International Harvester Scout 80 (1961). These were followed by the more 'modern' Jeep Wagoneer (1963), International Harvester Scout II (1971), Ford Bronco (1966), Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-55 (1968), the Chevrolet Blazer / GMC Jimmy (1969), and the Land Rover Range Rover (1970). The actual term "sport utility vehicle" did not come into wide popular usage until the late 1980s; many of these vehicles were marketed during their era as station wagons.

Toyota Motor Corporation is leader in suv car market in Japan and the corporation made its first engine in 1934 and a prototype car (model A1). In 1937 the Toyota Motor Company was established as in independent company and by 1944 it had produced nearly 2000 cars. Major Japan suv car makers are Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi & Subaru etc.

Types of SUV Cars

  • Mini SUV
  • Compact SUV
  • Mid-size SUV
  • Full-size SUV
  • Extended-length SUV

Popular Japan Used SUV Cars

Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Rav4

Nissan X-trail

Toyota Harrier

Toyota Land Cruiser

Honda Cr-v

Mitsubishi Pajero

Subaru Forester

Mitsubishi Pajero IO

Land Rover Range Rover

Nissan Murano

Toyota Rush

There are hundreds of Japan used suv cars exporters all over Japan to buy your desire SUV Cars at best competitive prices. Please check above stock list or send your inquiry to get best offer from hundreds of SUV Cars exporters in Japan.