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Dodge Van-minivan

Japan Used Dodge Van-minivan for Sale

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Dodge Mini Van
Dodge RAM Van-Minivan
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  Used Dodge Dodge RAM HIGH ROOF Van-Minivan View All Images

[16th Aug, 2017]
117 View
75,000 Left Hand Drive DukesIntl
  Used Dodge Dodge RAM RAM VAN Van-Minivan View All Images

[21st May, 2016]
955 View
55,000 Left Hand Drive DukesIntl
USD 31,050  
[3,420,000 JPY] 
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Dodge Van-minivan

Dodge B-Series is a full-size van that was built by Dodge. Starting in 1971 the B-Series was sold as the Dodge Ram Van. Built on the B platform the full-size vans entered production for the 1971 model year. Due to a one-welded-piece "Uniframe" design, the Dodge platform was lighter and stronger and featured a lower cargo floor than the competition, at the expense of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). All generations of the B-series van feature similar construction, with only small variation from era to era. The most pronounced changes were to the front fenders, hood, grille, and bumpers, which tended to follow their full-size truck counterparts in each era.

Dodge vans, particularly Tradesman vans from the 1971–1977 model years, were very popular as the basis for many custom vans during the custom van craze that occurred during the mid- to late '70s and early 1980's. Dodge capitalized on this craze, creating a factory customization package called the "Street Van" package. The Street Van package consisted of a "Street Van" logo on the passenger and driver's side door in lieu of the Tradesman logos, chrome trim on the grille and windshield, simulated wood grain inlays in the steering wheel horn cover and passenger side glare shield.

In 1979 the van received a redesigned front end, including a new grille with wraparound turn signals. Lower-end models had single round headlights, while Royal Sportsman and other high-end vans received four rectangular headlights. The van would keep this body style and the 1978 dash intact with only grille changes all the way through the 1993 model year. receives lots of Dodge Van-minivan inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of Dodge Van-minivan ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all Dodge Van-minivan Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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