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Komatsu Trucks

Japan Used Komatsu Trucks for Sale

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Komatsu Dump Truck
HD 405-7 Trucks
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  Used Komatsu HD 405-7 dump Trucks View All Images

[1st May, 2017]
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111,464 Left Hand Drive Koyojihan
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Komatsu Trucks

Komatsu have the trucks which lead the way in innovative suspension, transmission and electric drive technology whether they are articulated trucks, mechanical trucks or electric trucks. Trucks from Komatsu throughout the world are leading the way in mining with new forms of haulage involving electric trolley and autonomous operator-less operations. The Komatsu trucks comes the lifting capacity of 30 to 400 tons.

Komatsu articulated trucks have that capability and do it with style. The trucks have the Komatsu Traction Control which automatically engages the inter axle differential lock to prevent wheel spin and ensure optimal machine performance in soft ground conditions. The operator is center-located for a wide view of the work area ahead and a true training seat is just to the operator’s left.

Komatsu mechanical trucks are the Komatsu’s largest mining trucks made with the same designed-in strength and reliability. These trucks are featured with the Hydropneumatic suspensions and MacPherson front suspension which gives them the great rides and very tight turning circles which helps in the maneuverability. Trucks have fully automatic seven speed transmission. Trucks have the multi-disc retarders which gives them the operators excellent control while going downhill.

Komatsu electric drive trucks have led the way to pioneer the Ultra Class truck. These trucks are very quick and maneuverable for such massive machines but without sacrificing comfort for the operator to keep him engaged and productive. Frames, with castings in the high stress areas, are designed to withstand many tens of thousands of tough working hours. Oil cooled wet multi-disc brakes and retarder put tremendous stopping power at the operator’s control. receives lots of Komatsu Trucks inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of Komatsu Trucks ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all Komatsu Trucks Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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