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AMG Sedan-car

Japan Used AMG Sedan-car for Sale

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E-class Sedan-Car C43 Sedan-Car
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  Used AMG C36 Sedan-Car View All Images

[6th Mar, 2016]
1411 View
45,000 Left Hand Drive HeavyMotor
USD 5,880  
[640,000 JPY] 
  Used AMG C43 4 Sedan-Car View All Images

[18th Sep, 2017]
7 View
11,000 Left Hand Drive Bros
USD 12,390  
[1,350,000 JPY] 
  Used AMG C36 Sedan-Car View All Images

[6th Mar, 2016]
3912 View
61,000 Left Hand Drive HeavyMotor
USD 6,150  
[670,000 JPY] 
  Used AMG Sedan-Car View All Images

[27th May, 2016]
797 View
70,590 Left Hand Drive HeavyMotor
USD 4,960  
[540,000 JPY] 
  Used AMG C43 C-Class C43 Sedan-Car View All Images

[12th Jun, 2016]
1728 View
192,301 Left Hand Drive HeavyMotor
USD 3,580  
[390,000 JPY] 
  Used AMG E-Class E63 Sedan-Car View All Images

[17th Jun, 2016]
781 View
46,356 Left Hand Drive HeavyMotor
USD 31,210  
[3,400,000 JPY] 
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AMG Sedan-car

AMG released the Hammer Sedan in 1986 which was based on the W124 E-Class. It tooks the fast midsized sedan to a new level. It was the world's fastest passenger sedan at that time and was nicknamed as "Hammer". It squeezed the Mercedes 5.6-litre V8 tuned by AMG to 360 hp into a mid-sized sedan. It was featured with the 32-valve cylinder heads and twin camshafts, and said to be faster than the Lamborghini Countach from 60 to 120 mph. Later models were more powerful than this model. The 6L 100 mm bore SOHC or DOHC engines available for the sedan models as well as for the coupe models of W126.

The Mercedes‑AMG C63 inspires fascination from the very first glance. It gives the sensual clarity combines with stylish sporting character. It is designed with the powerful V8 top model which is influenced by motorsport and reflects its fascinating technology. The exteriors of the Mercedes‑AMG C63 and C63 S are differentiated by specific design elements. The emotional, sensual surface design of the new C-Class, with its reduced, minimalist forms, now has an added, positive tension that gives it a truly dynamic character. The wider track and powerful eight-cylinder call for a completely standalone front end.

At the rear end, the diffuser insert with three fins is a feature carried over from motorsport, as are the visual air outlets positioned on either side. They generate defined air separation edges and improve the cd figure. The two chrome-plated twin end pipes of the AMG sport exhaust system are perfectly integrated into the diffuser. The Mercedes‑AMG C 63 Saloon has a separation edge on the boot lid, while the estate has a roof spoiler – each of which ensure even better grip at the rear axle. receives lots of AMG Sedan-car inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of AMG Sedan-car ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all AMG Sedan-car Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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