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V-class Bus
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  Used Mercedes-Benz CITARO CITY BUS Bus View All Images

[6th Mar, 2017]
721 View
1 Right Hand GlobalPartners
USD 35,600  
[3,921,696 JPY] 
  Used MERCEDES-BENZ V-CLASS WDF639811 Mini Bus View All Images

[12th Sep, 2017]
24 View
90,000 Right Hand TrustCo
USD 6,300  
[694,008 JPY] 

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Mercedes BUS

Mercedes-Benz has been producing buses since 1895 in Mannheim in Germany. Since 1995, the brand of Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches is under the umbrella of EvoBus GmbH, belonging 100% to the Daimler AG. In the year 1951, technicians from Daimler Benz, accompanied by Brazilian specialists, carried out studies to analyse the viability of producing vehicles in Brazil. Two years later, on 7 October 1953, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil was officially founded, having as its first president Alfred Jurzykowski. Until 1958 only lorries were produced in the Brazilian plant, and local body builders used lorry chassis to make buses. In 1958, the integral bus Mercedes-Benz O321 H also started to be produced in Brazil, supplying the Brazilian market as well as the market of other South American countries.

In 1963, a front-engined bus chassis was unveiled, based on the LP 321 lorry. New versions of this chassis as well as new versions of the O 321 integral bus were presented the following year. The first integral bus tailored to the Brazilian market was the O 326, a rear-engine coach unveiled in 1966. It featured the turbo-charged OM 326 engine delivering up to 200 hp. One year later, a new front-engined bus chassis was also unveiled – the LPO 344, also based on a lorry chassis. In 1969 a new rural- and urban-service bus was presented by Mercedes-Benz do Brasil. Designated O 352, this integral bus was equipped with a direct-injection diesel engine.

In 1995 Daimler-Benz Bus and Coach range and Kässbohrer Bus Division were combined to form the EvoBus GmbH. Both Mercedes-Benz and Setra continued to operate separately on the market for some time. One year later EvoBus was formed, the first of a new bus range from Mercedes-Benz was presented - the Integro (O550) rural-service bus, later joined by a three-axle 15-metre version. Besides the Integro, EvoBus also presented the Mercedes-Benz O405 NÜL, O405 NK and the Innovisia. The Innovisia was the first bus to be equipped with an ABC suspension system. receives lots of Mercedes BUS inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of Mercedes BUS ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all Mercedes BUS Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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