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Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Forklift

Japan Used Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Forklift Forklifts for Sale

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Mitsubishi Forklift

The Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks brand was launched in 1992, and used for a range of materials handling products produced and distributed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and several of its subsidiaries: MCFE (Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe B.V)., MCFA (Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.), MCFS (Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Asia Pte Ltd), and MCFC (Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift (Shanghai) Co. Ltd). Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has signed an agreement with the Japanese company Nichiyu to create Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co., Ltd. in February 2013.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks products cover a range of counterbalance forklift trucks and warehouse equipment. Many designs and components are similar to all regions, but there are some differences in the product ranges across continents. The Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks go virtually anywhere for their rugged design. Mitsubishi forklifts feature low-vibration designs for increased operator comfort hour after hour and more productivity every workday. receives lots of Mitsubishi Forklift inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of Mitsubishi Forklift ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all Mitsubishi Forklift Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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