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Isuzu Fargo Truck

Japan Used Isuzu Fargo Truck Truck for Sale

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Fargo Truck Double Cabin
2004 Isuzu Fargo Truck
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  Used ISUZU FARGO TRUCK Double cab Truck View All Images

[8th Sep, 2017]
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168,000 Right Hand autoexpert
USD 4,390  
[483,227 JPY] 
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Isuzu Fargo Truck

The Isuzu Fargo is a commercial vehicle manufactured in the Japan by Isuzu motor company from 1980 to 2001. The first generation started from 1980 to 1995 with 1.6 and 1.8-litre petrol engine, and a 1.8-litre diesel engine. A 2.0-litre diesel was also available, but originally only in the Wagon version. The technical specification features were the transmission was 4/5-speed manual and ¾-speed automatic transmission, body style 2-door cab forward pickup 3-door van, and its layout based on the front –engine, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive, The wheelbase was 2350 mm (SWB), 2690 mm (LWB) etc.

The 2.4-litre 4FG1 diesel engine was introduced since 1991 and it replacing the earlier 1.8- and 2.0-litre units. The design was changed both the interior and exterior. In August 1993 the 2.4-litre 4FG1-T turbodiesel standardised across the range. Three-point rear seatbelts were now fitted to models fitted with rear seats and the air conditioning unit is now chlorofluorocarbon-free (CFC). The Fargo announced the new version Bedford Midi from 1985 to 1994 and the engine were offered both petrol (1.8-and 2.0-litre) and diesel (2.0, - 2.2- or 2.4-litre turbo) engine. The second generation was announced in 1995 to 2001 with a 3-door van and it is also known as by the name Nissan Caravan. It modified gasoline engine in June 1999. receives lots of Isuzu Fargo Truck inquiries every day from many countries. You can find hundreds of Isuzu Fargo Truck ready stock for your direct import from Japan. Please check list of all Isuzu Fargo Truck Exporters in Japan or send your inquiry to get best offers.

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